Jeffrey Epstein's last violation--the laws of physics

The essay is not easy to write and likely won't be easy to understand if one is averse to facts. Ever since Sir Isaac got beaned by a golden delicious, the world became aware of Gravity. Gravity seems to be acting on everything and everyone on earth--except one Jeffrey Epstein, now allegedly deceased. Perhaps Mr. Epstein learned to overcome the laws of physics by consulting Stephen Hawking. For it seems to be almost a physical impossibility for Mr. E.

Cleaning up Oil Spills with Electromagnetism


Taking a break from my HDS (Hillary Derangement Syndrome--where I search the web relentlessly to find negative articles on HRC to justify my feelings about her) I came across this incredibly important advancement in cleaning up one of the giant messes that the FFI (Fossil Fuel Industry) like to make, quite regularly.

This video highlights, in my mind, why it's important to fund "basic scientific research."