The media propaganda cover-up of a genocide and theft, in Kenya.

This is an interesting old video thats a perfect example of fake news, as it illustrates how the US and UK media tried successfully to frame a national liberation struggle in Kenya where the UK killed more than a quarter million Kenyan people for trying to free themselves from British colonization and expel the racist "settlers" from their country. These settlers were encouraged to view Kenya as their property, and the Kenyans as their servants or property to exploit, During the final days of British Colonialism. The British attempted to frame Kenyans struggle as a tribal barbarian attack on the Europeans "settlers" the UK was trying to encourage to move there for "free land" - while trying to discredit the Land and Freedom Army in Kenya, Which they labeled with their made up name, "Mau Mau". Although its true that the LFA was trying to scare them, the British specifically, using their fear of Africans advantageously, history shows a great many facts which extenuate the Kikuyu tribespeople, not the least of which is the fact that the British were trying to steal their entire country, except in a way where they could not possibly "win" Large areas of their country, such as the "White Highlands" were closed to Kikuyu and all the good land was being stolen from them. They were being confined in reservations. Many were being Tortured, raped and castrated by the British, in a gulag of concentration camps.

We now know that the media (this film is a classic example, but the facts as they have emerged over time show that this is whats known as a hatchet piece. The media, working closely with UK and US "intelligence" agencies which were on the side of the genocidal UK government, painted a picture of the allegedly murderous "Mau Mau" (a made up name) but the picture they painted was vastly distorted . For example only a few dozen white settlers were killed by Mau Mau in the decade of hostilities. In contrast the occupying British and their Home Guard of "loyalist" Kikuyu killed more than 300,000 Kikuyu. The Kenya of today is still a scarred nation where people are still scarred by the outrageous atrocities dating back to this period. Also the Kikuyu remain economically marginalized, despite their liberation in 1962, because the expulsions of native owners from their lands were never rectified. Its clear that the British looked to US treatment of Native Americans as a template to use to marginalize the people of Kenya.

Britian had set up a gulag of concentration camps, just like the ones run by totalitarian regimes. Horrible tortures and a epidemic of castration of Kikuyu men during torture to extract information shows us that the British were conducting a genocide. At the same time they were pursuing similar tactics in Malaysia. And of course, South Africa was still continuing the apartheid regimes that had been set up in South Africa. They were even building atomic weapons in South Africa, with Israeli help. But lets not get off track, as I am speaking here about the former British colony of Kenya.

These men and women who were tortured mutilated and castrated should be compensated by the British government which is still destroying evidence from this period. I have read. How much should the victims be paid. A lot. And it should come from the Windsor family, not the British taxpayers. Maybe their Crown Jewels should be seized and sold to provide the tortured with something. There are thousands of survivors of these camps, many with horiffic stories of rape and witnesses or were subjected to torture, systematic rape and sexual abuse, and murders. They shouldn't get away with this Its still a problem that goes unaddressed, like a festering wound. If its not set right by compensating the victims, countries like the UK will go on doing things like this and torturing and killing at will.; Knowing that genocide or not, they will never be brought to justice.

Carolyn Elkins in her book Imperial Reckoning, the Untold story of Britians Gulag in Kenya. wrote about the little known history of the Kenya uprising and British suppression of the Kikuyu people in the 1950s and her well researched book shows how the British skillfully tried to take the entire country from its people. Then afterward, went to great lengths, even quite recently to shred and burn evidence of their colonial atrocities. Slaughtering 300,000 along the way. Media was weaponized much like today. This film is a good example, of how the British monarchy tried to whitewash their occupation and large scale exploitation of Kenya for cheap labor and natural resources. This document is a good example, of racist treatment of the indigenous people of valuable colonies, Notice how no opportunity is lost to attempt to ignore extenuating facts and portray the victims as barbarians and deserving execution and the British occupation forces as "civilized". The fact is, their efforts were barbarian undoubtedly, as they set groups against one another deliberately trying to cause bloodshed. British colonial tactics including picking borders to magnify tribal unrest as much as possible. (such as with India and Pakistan) centered around divide and conquer tactics, where they tried to set groups against one another in order to get them to kill one another. Thats how Anglophile would be dominators, foreign and otherwise are still trying to destroy countries today, including our own, no doubt.

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