It's the wrong argument - Cuomo v Nixon debate

You see instead of demanding the heat be raised to 76 degrees in the debate hall she should be demanding that Cuomo wear a dress just like her so he won't be so hot under the klieg lights and he'll raise the temperature...

Cuomo vs. Nixon Debate? It’s Already Heated (Literally)

Ms. Nixon’s team has publicly accused the debate host, WCBS-TV, of catering to all of the governor’s demands to land the debate, and they are concerned that the debate hall at Hofstra University on Long Island might feel like an ice rink when they arrive. (Mr. Cuomo is famous for preferring to make his public appearances in deeply chilled conditions.)

So in a pre-emptive strike, Rebecca Katz, a top strategist for Ms. Nixon, asked WCBS-TV in an email last week that the debate hall be warmed to 76 degrees.

Perhaps some kilted yoga for the debate warm up?


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You are right. This is the way to frame it.

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1. On a frozen ice rink
2. Paid audience attendees to boo Nixon
3. Lighting unfavorable to Nixon (too bad they can't fake a 5 o'clock shadow)
4. Muted Nixon microphone
5. Cuomo's responses lasting 3 minutes (á la Hillary)
6. Nixon's comments abbreviated to 45 seconds.

Tick tock

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I think this was a sizeable mistake, not to mention fodder for political cartoonists and mockery from the Cuomo campaign.

Nixon can wear silk long johns and sock liners (warm, w/o being bulky) and/or have a space heater with a variety of temperature options under the podium.

Like a very different Nixon, Cuomo may be prone to excessive perspiration. Believe it or not, Nixon's loss of the Kennedy-Nixon debate, and ultimately of the Presidential election, was attributed to Nixon's perspiration and refusal to wear make up. This was because a majority of those polled who only listened to the debate chose Nixon as winner, while those who watched TV chose Kennedy. As usual with political "analysis," there could have been a number of other reasons for the disparity, but those two have come down to us from the mists of time as though carved on a tablet of stone by the finger of God. Also, as usual, no candidate is going to risk what pundits claim was the reason for a loss.

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his book about traveling around America after he came home as an expatriate forced home by the war.

Isn't all of this in another way a reminder of how slavish we are to convenience? I don't know about you but isn't it a little over the top that practically this whole country lives in these hermetically sealed environments of which we have a tendency to over-cool (just because we can)? It's gotten to a point for me that we're like the spoiled brat of the world. Every cup of water has to be spilling over with ice, every room in our houses during the summer ice cold and every municipality, public transportation, etc. the same. It's not like this all over the world, and nobody complains.

Nobody dreads the summer more than I do. As a resident of NYC I can't stand it. But I also think that the idea of AC is to just take the edge off of hot weather - not completely transform it to a freezer box. Check into a hotel room, and it's fucking freezing. This to me is just the height of arrogance and entitlement. A reminder that though were only 1% of the world's population, we use 25% of its energy - because it's our goddamned "Murican right!

I kind of liked that she said something about it. Yeah, maybe in those broad sweeping tellings of history we prefer Carter wasn't successful in getting Americans to consider wearing sweaters at home to conserve energy. But he was right about using his pulpit to get a conversation started.

We are far too over-Air Conditioned here. Having convenience every step of the way is overrated. And we as Americans as much too guided by it in so many aspects of life, driven as we are in our daily lives by over-consumption, crass consumerism and unbridled capitalism.

Miller, as usual, was right even then.

And Fuck Cuomo totally. He's a goon there only through nepotism. The epitome of crony capitalist and Protectorate of the Rich. I despise that Neoliberal Nightmare, and hope he gets his ass kicked bad.

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@Mark from Queens And, I agree wholeheartedly. And yes, I do sometimes might come off as an old fart, with a get off my lawn mentality, but seriously...I grew up in Texas with no air conditioning. It was what it was and we were fine. A bit more laundry, but not much else to say for it.
I visited home a few years back and we decided to walk the mile to the grocery store. Two cars stopped and asked if we needed any help (they assumed we must have broke down)..."Ya'll OK?"
Fuckin' newbs. Wink

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Someone asked over at WoTB this morning and the reply was it was like a meat locker.

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