It's the wrong argument - Cuomo v Nixon debate

You see instead of demanding the heat be raised to 76 degrees in the debate hall she should be demanding that Cuomo wear a dress just like her so he won't be so hot under the klieg lights and he'll raise the temperature...

Cuomo vs. Nixon Debate? It’s Already Heated (Literally)

"30-Minute Buy: Writing the History"

My attention has recently been drawn back to the handful of diaries I wrote at dPOS, much of which I had subsequently forgotten. In the aftermath of the Georgia debacle, this one seems relevant. It is reproduced verbatim, including the introductory parenthetical.

Thursday Oct 30, 2008
(This is a repost of my diary from yesterday, which went largely unnoticed. Given the theme, reposting it today has metacharm.)

Dirty Tricks

This will be my last mention of DK. Call it my reason for boycotting/striking and refusing to click on it in the future. I did want to document for history the type of flaming and bullshit that led to this decision. From here on in, back to the issues. The main issue I have is that the official Democratic Party has gone full fascist.

Occupy Trump - it's happening

I speculated in an article yesterday that from here on out all the way through the primaries, the general, Nov 8, and potentially beyond, we would se Occupy Trump every day. It's happening. The day after his Chicago Surprise, Herr Drumpf saw peace warriors protesting his rally in Kansas, MO. Opposing groups, cops gone wild, pepper spray, etc. More below.