Edward Snowden shares a laugh at the government's expense

One thing hasn’t changed since the first authoritarian burned the first book: having your book banned is very, very good for an author’s sales. If your objective is to keep a book out of the hands of people, yelling "You shouldn't read this book. I forbid it!" is a doomed strategy.
Edward Snowden appeared via video feed as a guest on The Daily Show Thursday night to talk about his book Permanent Record.

Snowden is now being sued by the Department of Justice, which filed a complaint this week in Virginia federal court, alleging that he "violated his non-disclosure obligations to the United States" by not having the book reviewed before it was published.

During the show, Snowden explains his reaction to the lawsuit. "The nice thing about [getting sued] is, the book was not getting that much attention, it was like 25 on the charts. And then the government said, 'We don't want you to read this book. Sue Snowden as fast as you can, do anything to stop it, stop it, stop it,' and now we're number 1, basically everywhere." Snowden then calls out the Attorney General, to whom he attributes the book's success.

I know the government is going to seize all the profits from book sales in the U.S., but that's almost an acceptable price to pay for an international best-seller.

Since we are talking about whistleblowers and tings that are amusing, Meghan McCain doesn't like Julian Assange.

McCain said she didn’t appreciate “people on the left” defending Julian Assange for publishing secret documents.

“Excuse me, maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it,” McCain said, as the women began talking over each other.

“I’m two feet away, I don’t need you to scream at me this way,” Navarro retorted. McCain muttered that Navarro was “so rude” and stalked off stage.

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I'm seeing people saying that they downloaded the book from iTunes and other sites and that it is very good.

Someone asked Snowden if he was on the list. Ed said that we are all on it. Every person in the world is being spied on. Hell our government knows that Israel has been spying on for a very long time and they are even using Israel equipment at the border that allows them to spy on 2/3 of Americans. And I guess you noticed how after Israel got caught spying on the WH no one talked about it for long. Just imagine if it had been Russia Russia Russia that did the deed.

Here's Meghan being herself.

"That's so rude"

Why does anyone watch that show? They all speak at the same time and over each other and you can't hear what they say. It's very sad to see how Whoopie sold out to the establishment once she wasn't poor anymore.

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

that said the govt was suing him for violating a Non Disclosure Agreement and damned near spit tea across the room laughing. The irony, too damned funny. I'm glad to see the book selling although I am not sure I will read it. Maybe I get a copy just to help drive up sales for shits and grins.

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Only a fool lets someone else tell him who his enemy is. Assata Shakur

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Thank you, gjohnsit. My copy is on hold at the library; I just need to go get it!

When I heard about this, I was glad I was getting it at the library so as not to be giving the govt. my money. Would like to help drive up his sales though, so a bit of mixed feelings.

It's so unfair. I'd like him to make some money. His income as far as I've seen is from talks he gives. Doubt he's hurting, but still. I wonder if it's a done deal or if the publisher can refuse to turn over the money. What would happen?

Oh, also he got a pretty good advance on the book which the govt. won't get.

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If you don't like the Mafia, why don't you join it and change it from the inside?

will get his money.
Maybe Morocco in December...will leave some empty space in my luggage.

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