Edward Snowden

Normalizing the New Normal

This is an opinion piece. I have no proof other than my lying eyes. And my intuitive gut. I'll throw this out there as speculative fodder for the un-indoctrinated and open mind.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

I've been thinking for a while now that both sides of any given narrative are controlled.

Full Spectrum Dominance - Are we there yet?

Sure does seem like it to me. Please consider this:

Suppose you are a propagandist. Would it not be optimum to control both sides of a narrative? Both sides of an issue, pro and con. That would be total control, full spectrum dominance if you will. Could it be possible that our realities are so controlled that the idea of oppositional perception is but a facade? In today's world who knows what is real, right? With all the gaslighting and lying is it any wonder that folks are confused? Is that not the tenet of Full Spectrum Dominance?

I think that if you look you can see it in many issues nowadays, it may be subtle as is all good propaganda. The yin and yang may be manipulated into a soup of disinformation and obfuscation. Think about how you form your opinions, what you read, what you see, what you think about. If one could control that input then one could formulate your reality.



Elon Musk: Something just hasn't sit well with me about this Elon Musk and Twitter deal. It all seems contrived. I certainly don't consider him a hero as some have made him out to be. Could there be more to his Twitter acquisition than just his self proclaimed altruistic motivation. I'll put a theory out there and let you be the judge.


Edward Snowden shares a laugh at the government's expense

One thing hasn’t changed since the first authoritarian burned the first book: having your book banned is very, very good for an author’s sales. If your objective is to keep a book out of the hands of people, yelling "You shouldn't read this book. I forbid it!" is a doomed strategy.

Whitney Webb’s ‘Edward Snowden to Address Select Audience in Israel: Will He Take On Israel’s Surveillance State?’

It’s subtitled: ‘Since having gained prominence as a whistleblower, Snowden has been a vocal advocate for free speech, freedom of the press, and privacy. However, the Israeli government routinely violates these rights for Palestinians as well as Israelis’, Oct. 10, 2018

As everything at MintPressNews is listed as Creative Commons, I’ll paste in a lot of the most illuminating parts of it.  She covers a lot as per her subtitle, but those aren’t the parts I’m really interested in, nor am I sure it’s the same for Webb. What I’d like to know is whether or not you see what I see.  Some of her internal links made me wish I’d known of her years ago, as she’s shorthanded so many of the diaries I’d gone to great pains to produce, as I’d started writing about the Intercept in 2013, and of course WikiLeaks before that.