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Under the Radar

Yesterday as hurricane Delta came by, they warned people to be weather aware because there could be under the radar tornadoes. It made me think of so many things that are "under the radar"...mostly because the corporate media fails to inform, and they want our attention purposefully turned elsewhere. TPTB do not want US citizens to know Russia brokered a cease fire. Sadly it appears to have failed. All they can do is bad mouth their sputnik V vaccine which is in clinical trials. How often have you heard the main stream media report on Julian's torture? Evidently the US is building a permanent base in Syria in order to guard the oil we've stolen as we impose crushing sanctions...not to mention more sanctions against Iran. Meanwhile the debate about the debate is 24/7.


Courtroom Drama - update

For engaging and compelling, there's nothing like courtroom drama for me – in reports, books, movies, plays, and television, fiction and non-fiction (including embellished reconstructions), criminal and tort, dramatic and comedic – except for when I was in a jury box and on a witness stand (both are stressful) and I didn't watch one second of the OJ trial and have avoided the all the “Judge Judy” type TV fare.

The Weekly Watch

Irate Irony

All week we've watched militarized police brutalizing people protesting police violence. What a failed strategy. Krystal asked Joe Rogan this week why the police were not protecting businesses from looters rather than terrorizing protesters. I suspect some of the looters were agent provocateurs from the police and their mercenaries. Jimmy has a clip which sure indicates that. Additionally we have the irony of absolute economic collapse as the stock market continues to rise, propped up by the Fed pouring money into junk. A debt we're heaping upon the young. Oddly enough as we've reduced the release of CO2 during the pandemic, atmospheric levels are at an all time high. On a personal level, we've got excess garden produce we've been giving away as food banks are running out of food. So swirling ironies abound amid the pandemic. The protest themselves provide an interesting experiment. If there is a second wave of COVID in a couple of weeks we'll know this will be with us until there's a vaccine. Some virologists are suggesting the coronavirus is losing its mojo. The irony here is we have not even done the most basic of research. There is not a single reliable study to determine the number of asymptotics John Campbell explains (21 min video with notes under the fold)


The Weekly Watch

Variety, Varmints, and Victims

It's been a week of protest around the world. Do any of you remember such a global protest movement? Thousands of people have been arrested world wide.
I've been struggling with a groundhog all week. The varmint mowed down my broccoli in one night. Its groundhog day all over again.
We're losing diversity and variety of our food plants. This week we'll examine some attempts to maintain and grow many types food producing plants.
This first clip is dedicated to 'The Voice In the Wilderness' our resident tree grafter (11 min)

Edward Snowden shares a laugh at the government's expense

One thing hasn’t changed since the first authoritarian burned the first book: having your book banned is very, very good for an author’s sales. If your objective is to keep a book out of the hands of people, yelling "You shouldn't read this book. I forbid it!" is a doomed strategy.

The Weekly Watch

Dreams and Nightmares

U.S. actions are a nightmare. Imprisoning Chelsea because she refuses to testify against Julian (who they have incarcerated and are torturing in the UK's Guantanamo like prison). Truth tellers must be stopped! Venezuela's U.S. puppet and pretend president must deliver all of that oil to our corporations and those of our vassal states. We ignore international law, yet again, and raid their embassy in DC. Israel and Saudi Arabia push us into a war with Iran....a guaranteed disaster in waiting. More children murdered this week in Yemen with U.S. assistance and bombs. More Palestinians murdered by Israelis as they protest their open air prison. We are a shameful nation bent on death and destruction for the profit of those who have more than they can possibly use. Killing one another isn't enough...the entire ecosystem is at risk to satiate our oil (and profit) addiction. It is a nightmare.

And yet, people still dream of a better future... and create new systems... and build new structures in harmony with the biosphere. People dream of a more equitable society and are discussing what a positive future might look like. Young people continue to pressure the politicians and elite to move toward a green future. Can they create a dream within the nightmares?

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Ten Democratic Senators Send Despicable Letter to Mike Pence Targeting Journalist Julian Assange for “Undermining Democratic Processes Globally”

Originally published Jun 29, 2018

On June 27th, ten U.S. senators sent a letter to Mike Pence in advance of his planned visit to Ecuador.


The DOJ’s Indictment of Assange is Almost as Idiotic as Mueller’s Indictments of Russians

Originally published Apr 11, 2019

Today, an indictment of Julian Assange for “Conspiracy to Commit Computer Intrusion”, issued secretly by the US Department of Justice in March 2018, was unsealed.


The Weekly Watch

There is a Time...

The rose breasted grosbeaks arrived this week. The redbuds are done and the dogwoods fading. It made me think about timing. It is a big part of being a musician. The art of joke telling .........timing. Certainly we are living in interesting times....when war is peace; truthtelling illegal and lying is main stream; more drilling, pipelines, and extraction promoted and climate collapse ignored; a time when food is fast and health erodes; college impoverishes and public education is privatized; and on and on...irony within irony. Despite the insanity, spring inspires rebirth...the essence of the Easter story and Passover. For gardeners it is planting season. For politicians it is the start of election season. It is a time to renew our sense of nature and humanity. We'll also take a look at the weeks news.