Robert Scheer and Max Blumenthal: A Conversation

I listen to the conversation on truthdig between Robert Scheer and Max Blumenthal and think it is very interesting, as it explains a lot of Max Blumenthal's experiences while grwoing up and living in Washington DC with his parents Sidney and Jaqueline Blumenthal, He was a journalist, an advisor to Bill Clinton and confidant to Hillary Clinton, alos employed to the Clinton Foundation.

The Weekly Watch

What You Say?

I heard several interesting interviews over the last couple of weeks and thought I would feature a few of them for your listening pleasure in today's column. There will also be plenty of articles to read as well. As a homesteader, I lead an active life, so I use a couple of tricks to listen to these sorts of conversations. If I'm working around the house I put them on the stereo that includes outside (on the porch) speakers. That way I can do my chores and be informed at the same time. My other trick is to use an audio conversion program (like ) to create a MP3 file which I put on my little player (most people use their smart phone, but I don't have one). Then I can listen while I mow or travel (my truck radio has an auxiliary plug). So like most of you I love to learn from people, but we need to be active to stay healthy. I try to do both.

Clarification of Gabbard's vote on H.Res.246 on BDS

I have read Tulsi Gabbard's response to criticism of her Yes vote on H.Res.246, which opposes BDS but which also affirms the right of Americans to support BDS. She is quoted here in making that point: › 2019/08 › gabbard-condemn-cosponsor

Tulsi Gabbard voted to condemn BDS, but she's become a co-sponsor of Ilhan Omar's boycott bill