The CIA needs new scriptwriters

The CIA needs to take a cue from Hollywood.
Everyone hates a formulaic sequel.
A week ago this was the story.


Real simple, Russia is evil and is paying the Taliban for American scalps.
The audience will buy it.
But today we have a new story.


Real simple, Iran is evil and is paying the Taliban for American scalps.
But in the exact same way??
Seems pretty lazy to me. Like someone didn't want to invest any money writing a new plot.
James Bond villains are all unique. If they were all the same, the Bond movies wouldn't be so darn popular.
With all the money we throw at the CIA you would think they'd have enough extra cash to come up with better lies.
As a citizen of this great country I demand that my government invent more creative lies with my tax dollars.

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What they don't like are flops. Worst of all are remakes of flops which does happen in Hollywood.

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And James Bond doesn't face Goldfinger every time.

The way Bond wins remains consistent, but the villains vary.

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James Bond meets Groundhog Day (or its later variant, Palm Springs).

Caught in a time loop, a James Bond expy indeed finds himself facing Goldfinger or whoever over and over again, until character development occurs and we see the major figure(s) have a series of epiphanies and evolve.

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I heard it was Belarus paying the bounties. I mean the leader just had an election that was believed to be crooked by the same people that believed Bolivia's was crooked.

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that maybe the Taliban just doesn't like us?

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"More for Gore or the son of a drug lord--None of the above, fuck it, cut the cord."
--Zack de la Rocha

"I tell you I'll have nothing to do with the place...The roof of that hall is made of bones."
-- Fiver

The GOP would pay the Taliban to kill US troops if they thought it could be spun to their political and/or foreign policy advantage.

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revolution is not being televised

Black remnants of scorched tires still stained dozens of Bolivia's main streets on Monday, after nearly two weeks of marches and road blockades by protesters furious with the government's decision to delay the presidential rerun election once more, amid the country's worsening coronavirus outbreak.

Thousands of protesters allied with the former leftist president Evo Morales had set up nearly 150 roadblocks nationwide demanding elections be held on September 6 - paralysing the Andean nation, causing food shortages and delaying the transport of critical medical supplies.

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But I agree. It is too early to recycle the propaganda. While being clumsy must have had some purpose. Maybe stop Biden from announcing he will restore Obama deal???

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