Bernie's emails go into my spam basket.

A tisket, a tasket, my Big Blue Basket. Oh, for the not so distant days when Bernie's half haired, half-shiny pate inspired confidence in those of us, who having the sole political aim of doing right by the people were attracted to the Star of Bernie. His luminosity enlivened those of us bereft of hope (and/or change). With his shining illumination, we could not help but enter a new golden age of civic virtue. But a detour occurred along the way. A murderous epileptic narcissistic sociopath, whose name is immediately known to us, put up the equivalent of Trump's Mexican wall. And Her called it the DNC. Thereupon, Her minions bestowed favors upon Mr. Sen. Sanders. One was delivered in the midst of the DNC nominating farce. Or did no one notice the transverse cut on the Bern's face when dubious Donna Brazile was haranguing the audience?

First, Bernie appeared more virtuous than Caesar's wife. I have no idea what that means, but I read it a few places--quick to latch onto knowledge, I put an alligator-type bite onto that aphorism and, like Super Glue, have been unable to let loose.

There we have Bernie getting decorated by the Chicago Police with stainless steel bracelets, truly connected to those whom he then championed--like needy people living in one of the most segregated U.S. cities. Yes, yes. Those were the heady days in the Civil Rights movement.

Fast forward 40 years and the Bern now wears different shackles: abject surrender to the Clintonites while engaging Russian delirium. A recent email, since relegated to electron-entropy, had Bernie begging for bucks to defeat Kavanaugh and his mentor, evil war crime anti-humanity (as yet unindicted per Bernie)--but no, he wasn't writing about Killary. No, he cast no aspersions against Her Heinousness, instead saving his whole load of blind piety against He Whom Would Not Be President Except for Hillary.

Having Muslim extremist Linda Sarsour as one of his spokespeople who also spouts Sharia law superseding the Constitution, old and in need of repair as it is. Now, most likely due to a yet undiagnosed stroke, he is advocating abolishment of ICE. If I didn't know better, and probably I don't, I might start to believe he's a Republican plant into the DNC's backdoor. After all, if the Dims could plant numerous Hilbots and fall guys into Trump's Organization , why shouldn't Republicans do the same?

Here's a recent interview given by Bernie to the Gulf Coast News Association reporter while Bernie was promoting Mayor Gillum for Democrat Florida Governor candidate.

R: Senator Sanders, isn't it true that open borders is truly unpopular to the majority of the country?

B: You see, it's like this. These are people yearning to be free. Why should we not let them in?

R: But Sen. S., would such an unregulated influx of various individuals pose a hazard to the American citizenry?

B: We must treat all people with respect.

R: But wouldn't such a cultural disruption of that magnitude seriously affect everyday life?

B: I'm sorry, didn't hear that. Were you asking whether such an event would affect our self- governance? Because Trump (Cursed be His Name) has so corrupted our governance we need a hero to rescue us.

R: Who might that be?

B: Have you no grasp of history, mr. reporter?

R: Well there are so many to choose from (/s).

B: It would be Queen Hilliar, of course.

R: I think you misspoke, Senator

B: Can you suggest anyone else who has unwaveringly lied whenever given the opportunity to do so? We must appreciate consistency. I mean this is 100% reliable behavior from Her. And, if you are in a private place, she'll always tell you Her real opinions.

R: But Senator, isn't she a war monger?

B: You completely misunderstand Killary. Although she is a Methodist, she's all in for child murders, men murders, women murders and, shudder, kitten murders.

R: Isn't that a bad thing? I mean, Senator, what's your view of War vs Peace?

B: What month is it? And what war is it you are discussing?

Some might say that Bernie has simply forgotten those principles inspiring him to righteous action. To me, this fall from grace is endemic in any political system. Think of the Drunkard's walk. The story is that a drunk, unable to control ambulatory balance stumbles, staggers, falls. After a few shaky recoveries from such postural departures, eventually the drunk will end up in the lowest state of entropy: flat on the ground. The original positing of this issue considered that there was on one side a wall. Between the wall and the gutter was a sidewalk on a curb above the gutter. The end result of any political office, if held long enough, is corruption. Flesh decays (is corrupted) when the heart stops beating. In some cases corruption ensues with a still-beating heart.

Don't tell me Bernie got lost. No, Bernie succumbed to the political game slowly but he has indeed joined the ranks of the corrupt.

Is this a plea for purity? Maybe. Is this a plea for honesty? Yup. Is this a plea for the hopeless plaint that Bernie.

Must. Have. Got. Lost. takes a little time to get royally lost

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Send the Bernie For Presinut campaign a sternly worded letter.
Make sure you include the keywords: Sellout, Sheepdog, Coward and Capitulator.
Also be sure to ask: Why the fuck do you fold to the democratic party if you can't even join them? That always gets a laugh.
In closing, please be polite and ask him to leave by the clearly marked exit signs that say "NO WAY".

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

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Bernie functioned as a fluffer for Killary. His job was to arouse the base, NOT to get the nomination.


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in my 'Focussed basket'. Alligator, you bite your tail now? You sound like some German talking heads.
PS With apologies to biting alligators, that happens when a former open source chick, becomes an open mouth chick and ends up in the dropped jaw chicken gang not knowing how to snap them jaws back...

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Wait till Warren and Bernie split the vote according to plan and shoe in the Party's hand-picked puppet. Watching Michigan and New York, I think Dore is on to something here.

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"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."--Napoleon

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@dkmich the Bashful Bernie, severely chastened by his daring to bark at the Queen, and Liz "It's Never Too Late" Warren could very well divide the Dim team further. I for one saw who Warren is when she failed to back Bernie in the MA primary and then latched leach-like onto the Queen's ass thereafter.

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@Alligator Ed W

Warren fence sitting was one thing. Endorsing Hillary a bridge too far. Bernie and Warren did a lot of damage to themselves.

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"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."--Napoleon

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