Album of the Week 2-10-24

Afternoon folks!

Here we go. Starting off we've got an album of acoustic blues from one of Leroy Carr's guitar accompanists, Bill Gaither, followed by a compilation of Chicago harmonica blues. After that, I've uploaded half of a compilation album of Albert King and Little Milton Campbell. Youtube had a site error the other night and I wasn't able to get Little Milton's side uploaded as I had planned, but I'll try to get it uploaded as soon as I can. After that, there's some blues rock with Johnny Winter And followed by a live album from Robin Trower. In the diversity department, there's an amusing solo album from Peter Stampfel, one of the founders of the Holy Modal Rounders. Finally, there's a single from King Curtis with Eric Clapton that never got much attention but should have.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Here 'tis:

Leroy's Buddy (Bill Gaither) - I'm Behind The Eight Ball Now

Low Blows - An Anthology Of Chicago Harmonica Blues

Albert King, Little Milton - Chronicle

Johnny Winter And - Johnny Winter And

Robin Trower - Robin Trower Live

Peter Stampfel And The Bottle Caps – The People's Republic Of Rock N' Roll

King Curtis W/ Eric Clapton, Delaney Bramlett – Teasin'

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Your saturday album day is my sunday, but your musical entertainment turns it into a Saturday night ; ).

I especially enjoyed Albert King, and King Curtis with Eric Clapton.

Little (not king?) Milton

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@janis b

happy saturday night! Smile

the little milton selections should be live by now on youtube and should follow after the albert king tunes.

thanks for the tune!

have a great weekend!

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Hey Joe,

Great stack o' disks man! That Peter Stampfel album is fantastic, what great stuff!


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glad you dug it!

have a good one!

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