Album of the Week 9-23-23

Afternoon folks!

There's a bunch of good stuff this week. There's some serious Chicago blues with an album from (Chess artist) Jimmy Rogers and a compilation from Howlin' Wolf. After that there's a pile of blues rock with albums from Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Harvey Mandel (Canned Heat) and West, Bruce & Laing.

Then there's some pleasant, bluesy burblings by Leon Redbone and we finish off with some genuinely unusual music from The Fugs.

Have a great weekend!


Here 'tis:

Jimmy Rogers - Ludella

Howlin' Wolf - Legendary Sun Performers

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Motel Shot

Harvey Mandel - Games Guitars Play

West, Bruce & Laing - Whatever Turns You On

Leon Redbone - No Regrets

The Fugs

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unique style
sorta a mix between Rudy Valentino, Gene Autry and Montana Slim
makes me smile all the while
mucho gratis joe!

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That trio was worshipped among my ole head posse. Smile We still have a very well preserved vinyl copy of It Crawled Into My Hands Honest in our LPs. Great satirists. They definitely don't do that music anymore. Great selections, joe s. Rec'd!!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

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Hi Joe!

GREAT sheet mon!

LOVE the Fugs! They were awesome. To bad "Kill for peace" turned out to be timeless here in America.

Thanks for the sounds!

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