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Endless War in an Economic Collapse?

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It is pretty stupid state of affairs driven by American aggression...trying to bully the world into submission. Russia and China want to develop a fair world order which they discussed at this weeks BRIC's conference in order to evade the dominance of the USD and create a cooperative, mutually beneficial world trade framework. That is the very thing the US wants to prevent. No, the US will be top dog and we'll commit suicide and even destroy the world in order to maintain our fading global hegemony. The current state of affairs makes it plain the US is incompetent, inefficient, and consumed by greed for ever more profit.

The problem with anti-imperialists who spend all their time criticizing the evil US empire is that there aren’t nearly enough of them...
Hey I’ve got a great idea, let’s start World War Three over a NATO country that most Americans don’t even know exists. Liberals learned the word “Lithuania” ten seconds ago and they’re ready to nuke Moscow over it.

Caitlin Johnstone

The economic collapse, driven by endless currency creation and the boomerang economic sanctions, is upon us. All as we push for global conflict to maintain what I see as a dead hegemony. The empire has fallen but the emperors do not realize they're naked.
Economic Collapse In FULL SWING | Jacob Dreizin Breakdown

Economic Collapse is Unavoidable

So the US mission has failed. What is the alternative. How about a "fair world order?"
Michael Hudson explains in two hour long lectures

Michael Hudson, perhaps to the world’s most influential (but rarely acknowledged) economist. Michael has had a remarkable career starting off as a practical or reality-based economist working for a variety of institutions looking and how banks really behave.

part one

part two

If you just have time for one lecture, part 2 is the best IMO.

The pandemic was not the "great equalizer" that some predicted. Now, after two years of struggle, everyday people are again struggling, this time due to inflation. And when some, including the chair of the Federal Reserve, say the answer to that is lowering wages, you know we need to drastically change this corrupt system.

(14.5 min)

TPTB are not happy that US policy has forced China and Russia closer together.

The head of US Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) on Friday sounded the alarm on China and Russia’s growing cooperation, calling it “extremely dangerous” and accused Beijing of “the largest military buildup” since World War II....
China has been identified by the Pentagon as the top “threat” facing the US military and is used to justify massive military spending. The US is planning a military buildup in the Asia Pacific with a focus on alliance-building, meaning China could face a similar situation as Russia has with NATO expansion in Eastern Europe.

The war in Ukraine isn't going well for the US, unless the goal is simply to sell a shitload more weapons.

Despite what some “defense analysts” may be telling Western media, the longer the war continues, the more Ukrainians will die and the weaker NATO will become...
In short, Russia was winning...
For the past 100-plus days, Russia has been relentlessly targeting both Ukraine’s artillery pieces and their associated ammunition storage facilities. By June 14, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that it had destroyed “521 installation of multiple launch rocket systems” and “1947 field artillery guns and mortars.”

Speaking near the frontline, south of the city of Severodonetsk, company commander Oleksandr said a core of experienced soldiers who had been fighting together since 2018 have been lost.
"My unit was 100% made up of professional soldiers who have a lot of experience. Now, 80% are incapacitated from serious injuries or death," he says.
In comments which will alarm those backing Ukraine in its four-month long war with Russia, he says he does not know how long his unit can sustain such losses.

But western media just keeps spinning bullshit to keep it going...

So what is the real reason to keep sending arms and promoting war? Hint: it ain't about Ukraine.
The Neocon's Dream - Decolonize Russia, Re-colonize China

What is notable about this panel is the shift from “spreading freedom and democracy” to the need to “decolonize” Russia....
Russia is announcing the next target of its campaign to counter 'western' misbehavior - the reserve status of the U.S. dollar and the Euro:
MOSCOW, June 22. /TASS/. The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on currencies of BRICS member-states is under consideration, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday in the welcome address to BRICS Business Forum participants. "The matter of creating the international reserve currency based on the basket of currencies of our countries is under review," the Russian leader said.
When Russia attacked Ukraine and the West imposed sanctions against Moscow, Washington threatened China that any move on its part to help Russia circumvent the sanctions would trigger severe punishment. Now the wheel has come full circle and the US needs China’s helping hand to salvage its economy. This is Thucydides Trap turned upside down — an emerging power rescuing an entrenched great power, whose extravagance pauperised it.

I doubt that. Tariffs or no tariffs China will not help the U.S. in anything. It knows that the U.S-Russian proxy war is about much more than Ukraine. The current U.S. aim may well be to decolonize Russia, but its real geopolitical aim is a re-colonization of China.

Of course the US really is trying to promote this war...
Western Officials Admit Ukraine Is Crawling With CIA Personnel

The revelation that the CIA and US special forces are conducting military operations in Ukraine does indeed make a lie of the Biden administration’s insistence at the start of the war that there would be no American boots on the ground in Ukraine, and the admission that NATO powers are so involved in operations against a nuclear superpower means we are closer to seeing a nuclear exchange than anyone should be comfortable with.
This news should surprise no one who knows anything about the usual behavior of the US intelligence cartel, but interestingly it contradicts something we were told by the same New York Times not three weeks ago...
And now here in June we’ve got war hawks like Max Boot coming right out and saying that this is actually America’s war, and it is therefore important for the US to drastically escalate the war in order to hand the Russians “devastating losses”.

Is Russia fighting to create a new world order?

With the conflict in Ukraine prolonged, we see an even clearer ridge between the West and the non-West. When NATO claims that Putin will burn the whole world, the non-Western countries are almost unanimously not in favor of sanctions against Russia. What do they believe a triumphant Russia will bring to this world, if Putin is going to burn it down? Professor Zhang Weiwei, Professor Aleksandr Dugin, and Professor Ejaz Akram discussed the future of a world without being dominated by any hegemony.

Sounds like a better world to me.

Putin & Russia Are Stronger Than Ever - Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Jackson Hinkle first explains more about the BRICs meeting. (12 min)

Did you hear any of the talks from the BRICs meeting this week? The theme was cooperation and mutual respect. Some might call it rhetoric, but I wish we heard rhetoric like this in the US. All we got is Putin Bad, Russia Bad. (2.5 min)

Contrast those thoughts with our Monroe Doctrine approach to relations with Latin American countries. Ecuador is a compelling story. (17.5 min)

We continue the attempted colonization of Venezuela...

Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s attachment to Guaidó remains weirdly strong. The president’s wife posted a photo with Guaidó’s wife this week and refers to her as the First Lady of Venezuela. This is just the latest sign that U.S. Venezuela policy remains on Trump-era autopilot. I suppose it is fitting that our farcical fantasy Venezuela policy should remain tied to the fantasy that Guaidó is president, since they both lack any connection to the real world.

The US warmonger economy has failed, and it failed a long time ago. (28 min)

Six hundred and twenty thousand civilians died in the Vietnam War, yet they have never received justice… Iraq was invaded, accused of developing weapons of mass destruction, yet this has been shown to be a lie. And for 20 years Afghanistan was a battleground in the war on terror, yet ultimately the Taliban regained power. Lies, self-interest and profit have created a vast web of international conflict, devastating the lands and peoples caught in it. And the responsibility rests with one country alone. The documentary "The Warmonger's Legacy" reveals the shocking truth.

The US war of terror has resulted in 6 million deaths. Lee Camp explains.