Do as I say, not as I do - Russia Edition

Alarm! Alarm! Russia is about to launch a cyberattack! We don't have any proof of it, but you need to be afraid of it right now.


Despite US tensions with Russia over Ukraine, DHS analysts assess that Moscow's threshold for conducting disruptive or destructive cyberattacks on the US homeland "probably remains very high," the memo says. "[W]e have not observed Moscow directly employ these types of cyber attacks against US critical infrastructure—notwithstanding cyber espionage and potential prepositioning operations in the past."

They've never done it, and we have no evidence that they will in the future. But we should show no tolerance for bad actors conducting cyberattacks on critical infrastructure.
That should be self-evident.


A group of Belarusian hackers on Monday said they have targeted a national railway company in an effort to hinder the movement of Russian troops, as tensions rise between Moscow and Kyiv amid reports of a Russian incursion into Ukraine.

The organization, dubbed Belarusian Cyber Partisans, tweeted on Monday that it encrypted some of Belarusian Railways’s servers, databases and workstations, which “disrupt[ed] its operations.”

Yuliana Shemetovets, a New York-based spokesperson for the hacking group, told The Associated Press that “Mostly commercial [freight] trains are affected.”

This group has repeatedly attacked Belarus' infrastructure and seeks to overthrow the government.
Which is why Washington has denounced this group...uh, I mean.
These guys are Freedom Fighters, and that's why the State Department has not denounced these brave Cyber Warriors.
Carry on.

The important thing is that we focus on the facts and don't give in to hyperbole.


"When we said it was imminent, it remains imminent," press secretary Jen Psaki said during a daily briefing. "But again, we can't make a prediction of what decision President Putin will make. We're still engaged in diplomatic discussions and negotiations."
Last week, President Joe Biden predicted during a news conference that Vladimir Putin would "move in" to Ukraine, though he also acknowledged no one truly knew the Russian leader's intentions.
Psaki also said last week "we believe we're now at a stage where Russia could at any point launch an attack on Ukraine."

On Tuesday, she suggested such an attack was impending.
"Imminent has a pretty intense meaning," she said, adding it was "correct" that nothing in the President's assessments had changed since last week.

It appears that only a miracle will save Ukraine from invasion now. Nevermind that Russia itself has accused the West of engaging in hysteria.
The fact of the matter is that the people closest to the action, the people who know what's what, all say that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.


In Ukraine, however, authorities have sought to project calm in order not to destabilize the situation and avoid panic — and many citizens have expressed skepticism that there will be an invasion soon.

In parliament, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that “as of today, there are no grounds to believe” that Russia is preparing to invade imminently, noting that its troops have not formed what he called a battle group that could force its way through the border.

“Don’t worry, sleep well,” he said. “No need to have your bags packed.”

Reznikov’s remarks follow multiple reassurances from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other officials. On Monday, Zelenskyy told the nation that the situation was “under control.”

Hmm. Well, that still doesn't excuse Russia for stirring people up in order to mask malicious intentions. America and NATO would never do that.

Russia has said Western accusations it is planning an attack are merely a cover for NATO’s own planned provocations....
Moscow has rejected Western demands to pull its troops back from areas near Ukraine, saying it will deploy and train them wherever necessary on its territory as a necessary response to what it called “hostile” moves by the U.S. and its allies.
Moscow has accused Ukraine of massing troops near rebel-controlled regions in the east, aiming to retake them by force — accusations Kyiv has rejected.

All right. I give up.

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but I'm not going to ignore when this stopped clock is right

A congressman from New Jersey has disclosed that he is receiving calls from viewers of Tucker Carlson’s primetime Fox News show, expressing distress at the Biden administration’s backing of Ukraine in the tense military stand-off with Russia..
Nato allies have been struggling to project unity in opposition to the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s belligerent amassing of more than 100,000 troops on the Ukraine border.

It seems we want to be able to tell Russia where ON IT'S OWN SOIL that it can put it's troops.

Carlson, the top-rated host on Rupert Murdoch’s rightwing news channel, has been using his nightly bully pulpit to question the merits of Washington’s backing through Nato of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s expansionist threat.

Typo there. It should read NATO's expansionist threat.

On Monday night, his show screened an image of the White House with the words “War Machine” stamped over it.

The host accused “neocons” in the Biden administration of “betraying our country’s interests” and said a massive lobbying campaign by Ukrainian politicians and American defense contractors was behind the strategy.
Ukraine was “strategically irrelevant” to the US, Carlson said.

Uh, yeah. Ukraine is strategically irrelevant to us. It only matters to Russia.

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He's not on board with the neocons in the State Department. (Or Deep State, as some call it.).

I'm guessing this false flag is related to the solar winds hack attack, which is not exactly an attack. But our nation's computers have been occupied by 'visitors' for the past year. And there is nothing we can do about it. That's my take, in any event.

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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
— Voltaire

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@Pluto's Republic are freaking neocon right wingers and media grifters from all sides who make a fortune playing experts or honest brokers of opinion on TV and the media. What hooey. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'? Realize I'm extremely prejudiced against media opinion mouthpieces and commentators regardless of which side they spew their bs at. I abhor the Demorat's but on the other hand I think all of these so called news commentators, show presenters, are purveyors of sensationalized propaganda, misinformation and fear. That's how they make their big bucks. Too bad their is no real news anywhere. Don't have a TV but man the net is crawling with these charlatan dicey entertainers posing as honest brokers of opinion and presenters of whatever bs. their hocking.

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A 'Parthogenetic' Conflict - There Is No Russian Invasion Threat To Ukraine
January 25, 2022

With regards to the completely made up story of the 'imminent Russian invasion' of the Ukraine a commentator remarked to me:

What we are seeing is a 'parthogenetic' conflict/war/crisis. A first - to my recollection.

Indeed - the virgin birth of a conflict in which there is no enemy.

There is no threat of a Russian invasion of the Ukraine now or in the foreseeable future. Despite that today's New York Times has put no less than four 'invasion' stories at the top of its homepage.
Again - those barracks were not built over night. They are long-term facilities. The 237th Tank Regiment is stationed in Valuyki and Soloti. It has 90+ tanks, 40+ infantry fighting vehicles, 18 howitzers, 8 mortars. It consists of three tank battalions, one mechanized battalion, one sniper company, one recon company, one self-propelled howitzer battalion and one air defence battalion.

All such units also have lots of trucks to carry the ammunition, fuel and other supplies they need. All together those vehicles are clearly sufficient to fill that large parking lot.

The pictures that were supposed to show a 'new Russian military buildup' only showed units in their regular barracks were they have been stationed for years.

None of the units seen in them is deployed in a build-up-to-war like manner.

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That his fellow neocons were joining the Democratic Party in droves.

He wasn't/isnt a bad person. In fact he's a very good person, in many ways. We just disagree on some aspects of policy.

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what US/UK officials are spouting on this matter. Much of it is merely reconstituted crap from the Bush/Cheney PR campaign to get their Iraq War on. Although that crap was an easier sell because the target was the country they wanted to invade and occupy.

Once again the US and UK are in the lead -- because Iraq worked out so well? A "Coalition of the Willing" would differ somewhat from who joined the Bush/Cheney party. Canada couldn't get away with secretly supporting a US/UK war on Russia. A few countries would up their support and many countries would pass on this one.

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Germany Wavers in the Ukraine Standoff, Worrying Its Allies.

As the West Warns of a Russian Attack, Ukraine Sends a Different Message

Fact is I am not a subscriber so that is the best that I can do!

Edited to add this message from the source:

Russia has stepped up its propaganda war and pushed out a disinformation campaign amid tensions with Ukraine. LOL

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but is better targeted to your comment and this thread.

Peter's analysis is spot on, IMO.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

No one in the alternative media, right, left, and otherwise, supports our militaristic foreign policy.
You can only find warmongers in the MSM.

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$200 million dollars worth of weaponry, perhaps Russia would be compelled to neutralize those
weapons. As well as the NATO missiles at their back door provided by Uncle Sam. We are the aggressors, no matter what the warmongers want us to believe.

The economy is in a shambles, so this is another cover war, so they can blame the coming implosion on the Russians. The excuses are wearing very thin.

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