Stopping the epidemic of empty houses and absentee owners HOUSING

Huge numbers of houses in areas like the Bay Area where more and more people are homless are sitting empty and unoccupied. What is the Democratic Party going to do now to get people housed? People are angry and need affordable places to live while so much housing is going to waste.

They are destroying so many people's lives with their lack of responsibility.

Democrats, you are at bat, this is an emergency. One thats killing lots of people. Hello, hello, is anybody there? Or is the fake Democrats number disconnected from people.

Is it a ZOMBIE PARTY? One thats dragging all of the country down?

What about kids, where will they live?

VANCOUVER is TAXING THE SHIT OUT OF GHOST HOUSES AND THEIR ABSENTEE OWNERS.. with the goal on making it too expensive to own and then sit on an empty property..sometimes for years or even decades.

Is America becoming a homeless nation?

These digital payments companies are building a cashless trap for humanity. They are obsessed by getting free money from all of us via the cashless digital payment spiders web they are setting up to get a cut out of every transaction on the planet.

This rat race turns people into slaves. I know thats what makes the most money, historically, but its very wrong.

This isnt why people like us created this world. This isnt the future we wanted. Why have the politicians gotten so corrupt? The GATS trade deal and the WTO turns everything into a lie. Its certainly done that here in the United States.


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But with a twist. I just read that my county in western NC has the lowest rate of available housing stock and the highest median sales price for house put on the market. And we are not a wealthy county. Income levels in this county are in the median range of all counties in NC.

The problem is mainly due to investors buying up affordable units (middle and work force housing) even before they hit the open market and turning those homes into Air B & B and VRBO units. Investors have figured out that they can make so much more from even a part time vacation rental than they can from a full time rental. A goodly number of these investors are from out of town and even out of state. This has had the effect of removing all but the highest priced housing from the inventory of units for sale. It also has had the effect of removing nearly all the workforce housing from the community. Work force housing is intended to provide housing for teachers, fire fighters, police and the like. This community has low income and rent subsidy housing, but there is a huge gaping hole between that and high end units.

This is not a healthy situation for any community.

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Do I hear the sound of guillotines being constructed?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F. Kennedy

They are doing at least as much as the Dems to destroy the country if not more.
So give credit where credit is due

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