DiaperDon's Thanksgiving Meltdown

Most of the President's Twitter rants don't get - or deserve - a second mention, but the chain of events on Thursday night is as hilarious as it is outrageous. In case you missed it...
It all began with photos of a solitary Trump signing papers at this small desk. To be fair, there are photos of Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama sitting at the same desk albeit surrounded by a gathering of lawmakers. But it appeared as though the legs of the chair had been shortened to accommodate his extra girth.

The Twitteratti were quick to ridicule the President, relentlessly photoshopping the image to add in nursery school playthings, a plastic table and chair, etc., and soon the hashtag #DiaperDon was trending.
Awake and reading Twitter at 11:00 p.m., Trump was quick to respond with his usual schtick - it was the fake news media ganging up on him again

But then a surprise... he called for revoking Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This is the section which grants indemnity to the owners of digital media publishing platforms for the content posted by its users. It seems that if Donnie had his way he's sue Twitter for letting people use the #DiaperDon hashtag. As a matter of "national security," of course.

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Pulling a tantrum because they won't let him take his role away
in the infantile way of his choosing. We get to be witness!
If the self centered rube cared a bit about his dignity
perhaps he would back out gracefully.
That ain't gonna happen Wink

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in the exact same way that Trump was treated. Time to make fun of every little physical detail of Joe. No?
Then I am not interested in this kind of childish stuff.

We have allowed the Democrats and all the media minions to distract us with this constant bombardment of nasty commentary. I feel like we all went back to middle school. Meanwhile, Joe is staffing our government with war mongers.

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

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@Fishtroller 02 Maybe you've got a point, but it doesn't apply to this blog post unless you are equating my writing with the Mainstream Media. This event was about public mockery, the technology which tracks it, and using his power as President to enable his Fascist inclinations whereby he bullies his critics with threats of lawsuits. There are laws protecting them? Eliminate the laws!!

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F the F'n D's

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@Fishtroller 02 @Fishtroller 02

she's a paid Republican hater, as we all know. So every time Obama did something horrible she'd say (roughly) "President Obama has escalated the troop level in Afghanistan...but that's not good enough for Republicans!!!" As if that exonerated Obama somehow and it was all the Republicans' fault. "Obama has left the Native Americans high and dry but that's not good enough for Republicans!!!" etc.

Here we see some high quality Democrat hating. I hate them, too. Here it's "Trump wants to end the democratic process of voting....but Biden is bad!"

I've seen various people here and on the internet who don't want to acknowledge that Trump is a monster who has packed the Supreme Court with rightwing whackos. Instead they prefer to blame Obama. Not even Hillary (who is much more responsible for Trump's election). Obama is the cause of everything awful that Trump does. "Trump intends to sell off wildlands to oil companies". That's Obama's fault. "Trump completely off his rocker". Obama did it.

Biden will be about as awful as Trump. I don't think anyone here doubts it. But Trump is an obvious lunatic mob boss. It's actually ok to dislike him and to mock him.

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Trump is an obvious lunatic mob boss.

Personally, I won't be heart broken to see him go.

So, we get another shit for brains leader.

When people wake up and discover voting does't matter
as our choices are shit, perhaps we can sort out some of this.

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@QMS @QMS to elect.
"We came, we saw, we killed!" (HRC). Dubya hunting for WMD's as a comedy routine. Obama joking about drone kills.(Of American citizens, even teenagers.)
Trump got rich and famous for being an uncouth SOB, even a likely rapist.
And President.
Elections no longer have real consequences, other than the pace at which we, the 99% are screwed.

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@QMS @Fishtroller 02 doing all this to Trump in 2015 and he got elected anyway.
Seems they had too much fun with HRC rolling her eyes, falling down, fainting, wearing clothing that just might have been covering up various IV medicine bags, or catheter bags.
I don't think serious people pay much attention to to kind of stuff.
Biden is the stutterer (TM), and he has gotten himself elected.
It is all a distraction.

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"I'm the President. You've got to respect me!"

I almost died laughing. What a joke this asshole has made of our attempt at creating a Democratic system of government.

It's fat, bald and elderly morons like Donald Trump that our founders were trying to protect us against.

Let's all give this guy the boot and watch him try to put that chipmunk hide back on top of his head as if it was his "real" hair.

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"The enemy is anybody who is going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on." Yossarian

an adult sized toddler I guess. What a disgrace. I just wish we could have replaced him with someone better.

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