A small refresher / history lesson for ex-President Trump

In 2000, Katherine Harris the Florida Secretary of State, who was actually the co-chair of George Bush's campaign, stopped the counting of ballots before it was even finished. There was never a "recount" in Florida because there was never a fully completed first count. Absentee ballots weren't even counted until months later, under an audit by a consortium of news outlets. The final tally showed that Al Gore had the most votes in Florida and should have been the 43rd President.

Bernie’s Gambit vs the Tea Party Trumpublicans

This is gonna be short.

There is a mistaken view that Trump eviscerated and then changed the Republican party, but that’s not true. Trump is the culmination of the Tea Party’s two-decades (at least) long effort at taking the party over. But this wouldn’t have been possible without a sympathetic constituency and without a strong desire to fight for it.

Thanks Obama!

I'm sure that's what the Orange Monster with tiny hands occupying the oval office is thinking to himself right now. How could he not?

I lay the blame for Trump's blatantly illegal assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and seven others at Baghdad’s international airport in the early morning hours of Friday, squarely at Obama's feet. Sure Trump ordered “the hit”, but Obama made it established doctrine, ie “normal” to drone murder “suspects”.

How to make Trump Officials Obey Subpoenas

1) Day 0: Any Congressional Committee sends the current senior executive of any federal department or agency a polite request for documents and testimony at a time of mutual convenience. The deadline to make arrangements is 2 weeks from the date of the offer for a meeting within an additional 2 weeks.

You can't make this shit up folks.

I make fun of the go team go attitude of dem voters, but I'm guilty too. I unsubscribed to Addicting info and Occupy Democrats not soon after I subscribed to them, because I like to think dems are smart, I couldn't handle that bubble being popped. If you ignore it it doesn't exist was my thinking I guess. Trump is finally doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. The DOJ is attaching conditions to the AT&T Time Warner deal, that include it must sell CNN.

A Transgression...but in a good cause


I am about to violate the letter, if not the spirit of the law...that is, the law of this website. But, I hope you’ll forgive me, for I do have a good reason.

It has to do with our unity as a movement, and the salvation of our country, in an age of incipient tyranny.

Let me explain.


"Morning Joe" Goes From Covering News To Becoming The News- Updated

No, I'm not referring to the infamous Trump Tweet yesterday about Mika bleeding from a face lift, and the resultant uproar, I'm referring to what their response to that tweet on "Morning Joe" this morning revealed - that they had been told by "three people at the top of the White House" to either apologize to Donald Trump for their unflattering coverage or face the consequences of a National Enquirer expose.

Campaign of Terror: (re-)normalizing political racism

This has been a depraved and depressing election, and its results have left many terrorized and deeply mistrustful of their fellow citizens' character and intentions. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to spread divisive propaganda of racial antagonism, and it has had an impact.

No, the US isn't going to become a fascist state

It can't, because it already is one. It has been for a while, and no matter who got elected, it was going to be a fascist in the white house, because both of the candidates were fascists, one subtle, one blatant. The more blatant one got the victory, which is great, because now people might actually start fighting the fascism they've been happily ignoring as it seeped into our nation's everyday operations.

Political slogans

I was watching a video game live stream from earlier this year, when the two hosts started talking about their student council experiences. One of the subjects they touched on that applies to politics in general was campaign slogans, and their effectiveness. That made me consider the campaign slogans we hear today, and ones from the past.