#VoteBlueNoMatterWho - A Domestic Color Revolution in Real Time

What we have witnessed since Senator Sanders first launched his presidential campaign in 2015, is a "color revolution", unfolding right before our eyes in real time. While many people like to think the Democrat's tried to lead a "coup" against president Trump, many citing the "deep state" as the fulcrum to pull it off, but it's more insidious than that.

The following documentary by Avi Orin, does an excellent job of "connecting the dots" as far "color revolutions" are concern overseas, however, I'm implying, that these same organizations, and people, are the ones behind what has been happening, for a very long time here in the US, and fucking up OUR ELECTIONS!

A key excerpt from the documentary:

by subjugating the duties of foreign policy from the government into the private sector, the United States freed itself from public oversight and the messy casualty reports associated with more traditional forms of regime change.

Since NGOs are operated privately from governments, they are allotted more privacy in the way they conduct operations, thus shielding the US government from having to admit any involvement in color revolutions.

Interesting links about the USGLC
From the USGLC.org website:

The USGLC works in our nation’s capital and across the country to strengthen America’s civilian-led tools — development and diplomacy — alongside defense. By advocating for a strong International Affairs Budget, the USGLC is working to make America’s international affairs programs a keystone of U.S. foreign policy.

From Devex.com

The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) is a broad-based influential network of 400 businesses and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and business, faith-based, academic and community leaders in all 50 states who support a smart power approach of elevating diplomacy and development alongside defense in order to build a better, safer world.

"US aid community works to turn election candidates into development advocates" from Devex.com

While the country waits to see if Tuesday’s contests in 14 states — collectively known as Super Tuesday, the largest single day of voting during the presidential primary season — lend any clarity to a crowded Democratic field, U.S. aid leaders will be looking for signals about how to engage potential nominees in an ongoing conversation about America’s role in the world. For members of the U.S. development community, the goal during an election year often has less to do with drawing public attention to their issues than with educating — and influencing — the candidates themselves.


“Those platforms are not really covering what the next potential commander in chief views as America's role in the world,” said Liz Schrayer, president and CEO of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, an influential advocacy organization for development and diplomacy.

If you go to their Youtube channel, they have videos like this one, "America’s Role in the World: Why Leading Globally Matters for Nevada".

Here's a result of that "diplomacy", Victoria Nuland explains in her speech in Ukraine:

But what kind of return on that 5 billion investment have we secured?

The Military is in on it too! In a very big way!

From the Washington Post, "Generals urge Trump not to ‘retreat’ on foreign aid"

“Each of the last three presidents has wanted to do nation-building at home rather than overseas. This is a familiar and understandable desire, but then it collides with reality,” he said. “The reality is we are still engaged and need to stay engaged in a number of countries around the world where the appropriate strategy is not just military action.”

Petraeus is among the hundreds of retired military officers who have joined up with the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, which convenes supporters of development and diplomacy funding for events all around the country. The case for spending money on aid to avoid military intervention must be made to ordinary voters as well, members of the group told me.

Multinational Corporations play a big role in influencing our "elected representatives".

Cargill & USGLC from World-grain.com:

Cargill will serve as chair of USGLC’s Heartland Tour through 2020. Featuring events across 13 Midwest states, the tour is intended to create dialogue among elected officials, community leaders, businesses, academics and nonprofits on the ways global economic engagement can lift up and inspire local communities.

About Cargill, from the Corporate Research Project:

Cargill has frequently been associated with controversies involving food contamination, workplace injuries, anticompetitive practices and environmental violations and has been targeted by climate activists for destroying rainforests in countries such as Indonesia. The company has not been shy about using its power. In his book Invisible Giant: Cargill and Its Transnational Strategies, Brewster Kneen wrote that “Cargill has and will continue to shape the agricultural policy of as many countries and regions as it can.”

Cargill campaign funding, from Opensecrets.org:


But they also are the very companies killing our planet, and our people. From InsideClimateNews.Org

Five years after joining in a historic commitment to stop cutting the world's forests, governments and companies are not only failing to slow deforestation, they are rapidly driving the disappearance of more trees.


Environmental groups, both in Latin America and in the U.S., notably Mighty Earth, blame American grain giant, Cargill, and others for putting pressure on the government to loosen regulations.

"Forests are burning in large measure because the big companies that committed to save them are not actually trying to do so," said Glenn Hurowitz, Mighty Earth's CEO, in response to the report.

"Companies like Ahold Delhaize, McDonald's, and Mars are, despite all their pledges, continuing to do business on a vast scale with the very companies most responsible for this deforestation, such as Cargill and JBS," he said. "Not only are these companies directly financing deforestation, they have repeatedly lobbied governments to stop basic environmental protections."

Here's a summary of their violations From GoodJobsFirst.org


Here's a little something on Hunter Biden's ties to the USGLC, from NationalInterest.org:

Biden’s links to the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) and its affiliate, the Center for U.S. Global Leadership, have gone largely unreported in the coverage of his various business dealings, which have caused a headache for his father as he runs for president.


USGLC, which lobbies and advocates for increased spending in the State Department’s International Affairs Budget, added a series of Ukraine-related bills to its lobbying portfolio at around the same time, lobbying disclosures show.

Biden’s private equity firm, Rosemont Seneca, was by far the smallest company of any of the directors on USGLC or the Center for U.S. Global Leadership.

Here's a copy of the video that Avi mentioned in the first part of his video featuring Mike Wallace back in the late 60's.

The US has been engaged in overthrowing governments for quite a while, but I think it's hard for many to conceive, believe or digest, that they would do it here, in our own country, because "laws", but laws don't mean shit to these people who can buy off entire governments, as we have clearly seen. Here in the US, it is both in your face, yet completely opaque.

When one starts to weave together all the different (dots) NGO's, CIA (Gov), Media and connect the people on their boards, and who they are connected to, military / defense contractors / governments, an insidious mosaic begins to emerge, and brings into stark relief the "power structure" we are up against.

Just because the slaves have air conditioning, doesn't mean the relationship between the master and the slave has changed in any way. What's most insidious, the salves must now pay for their own healthcare.

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to pull off a coup against Trump using the security state. The security state is in the driver's seat. The establishment Democrats are their toadies. The impeachment hoax was completely driven by the fact that Barr and Durham were closing in on Brennan, Clapper et al. The security state hates Trump because they did so much to guarantee a Hillary win and they failed and they never know what Trump will do from one moment to the next.

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@Roy Blakeley

The impeachment hoax was completely driven by the fact that Barr and Durham were closing in on Brennan, Clapper et al.

At the same time, I don't expect to see anything from Barr & his investigators. They all play for the deep state. There will be in-house reforms, and better cover-up procedures, but none of the disgusting blobs that run the intelligence cartels will be twisting in the wind anytime soon. And their handmaidens in the press certainly aren't going to mention what's going on.

There are places where the internal shitshow can be sampled now and then, though.

I don't think the Democrats are part of anything, however. They're entire role consisted of being the ignorant sluts who fell for the Russia Hoax.

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Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

— Martin Luther King

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Justice Dept. Moves to Drop Charges Against Russian Firms Filed by Mueller

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department moved on Monday to drop charges against two Russian shell companies accused of financing schemes to interfere in the 2016 election, saying that they were exploiting the case to gain access to delicate information that Russia could weaponize.

Oh no! These are the Russians who came to DC to fight their fake indictment.

Remember that wacky web ad agency from St Petersburg? They sold a handful of dumb clickbait ads that "allegedly" ruined Hillary Clinton's $3 billion dollar Presidential campaign?

They asked to see the evidence of their alleged crime, which scared the Federal prosecutors to death. LOL

The companies, Concord Management and Concord Consulting, were charged in 2018 in an indictment secured by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, along with 13 Russians and another company, the Internet Research Agency. Prosecutors said they operated a sophisticated scheme to use social media to spread disinformation, exploit American social divisions and try to subvert the 2016 election.

Unlike the others under indictment, Concord fought the charges in court. But instead of trying to defend itself, Concord seized on the case to obtain confidential information from prosecutors, then mount a campaign of information warfare, a senior Justice Department official said.



It's clearly, another Russian plot. This time against the FBI and the DOJ!


At one point, prosecutors complained that a cache of documents that could potentially be shared with the defendants included details about the government’s sources and methods for investigation, among its most important secrets. Prosecutors feared Concord might publish them online.

With the case set to go to trial next month, prosecutors recommended that the Justice Department drop the charges to preserve national security interests and prevent Russia from weaponizing delicate American law enforcement information, according to the official. The prosecutors also weighed the benefits of securing a guilty verdict against the companies, which cannot be meaningfully punished in the United States, against the risk of exposing national security secrets in order to win in court.

“Concord has been eager and aggressive in using the judicial system to gather information about how the United States detects and prevents foreign election interference,” prosecutors said in a motion filed in court on Monday. At the same time, the firm has tried to stymie the judicial process, including by concealing facts and documents and submitting a false affidavit.


Heh. So the advertising hustlers from Russia were tormenting the poor Federal prosecutors.

All the while scheming to steal FBI secrets.

They even mocked the Mueller Investigation on Twitter.

A message on a newly created Twitter account read: “We’ve got access to the Special Counsel Mueller’s probe database as we hacked Russian server with info from the Russian troll case Concord LLC v. Mueller. You can view all the files Mueller had about the IRA and Russian collusion. Enjoy the reading!”

Mixed in with a hefty portion of irrelevant material, the prosecutors said, were more than a thousand files matching those the government had turned over to the defense team in an information-sharing process known as discovery. Government computers storing the files had not been hacked, prosecutors said, suggesting that the source of the information was the defendant.

Testifying before Congress last summer, Mr. Mueller warned that the Russian effort to interfere with American presidential politics was still underway. “They’re doing it as we sit here,” he told the House Intelligence Committee. “And they expect to do it in the next campaign.”


As the 2020 campaign ramps up, "American officials" are telling us that Russia is again working to inflame racial tensions, including by inciting violence by white supremacist groups.

So, try not to get inflamed and incited by any white supremacist groups, while you're dodging the corona plague and tripping over the rubble of the collapsed US economy.

@Pluto's Republic

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Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

— Martin Luther King

I had never heard about USGLC but I knew that it existed in some form. The revolution will not be televised. Wait, wrong time. The coup will not be televised. Well, the coup is televised, it is out in the open in organizations like this.

It is a public service to see all these players together working to maintain the empire.

And both political factions, democrats and republicans, are another team in the same game which in nice terms is "the establishment." Note the term, FACTIONS, not parties.

The subject line of my comment is from an article today by George Monbiot.

Our politics isn’t designed to protect the public from Covid-19 The politics of denial, first honed in the tobacco industry, has serious consequences for a floundering Johnson government

What governments are doing is to protect the special interests and the USGLC is a part of the protection racket in the international relations area. The same people and organizations are doing this on the domestic scene as well as the establishment.

It is interesting to see how the DNC organized a quick and forceful response to stop Bernie that was much larger than the response against Trump. It seems that the DNC, or USGLC, or the oligarchs, or the monopolies, they are the same things, THEY would rather Trump win than Bernie in order to maintain their power. Hence Slow Joe as the stand in for the status quo.

I got the link to the article in The Guardian from a tweet from my hero, Bruno Latour. One of the most important thinkers in the world and linked with people from may fields who are doing important work. Here is the tweet that led me to the Monbiot article.

Bruno's book in 1991 "We Have Never Been Modern" goes beyond the western frame for a few hundred years since The Enlightenment, the frame that has been behind the march of progress and capitalism leading to the destruction of earth. He shows how Pasteur and the microbes and others came up with theories of disease and led to the sanitary movement of public health which made major changes.

A major difference in Burno's political theory, is equal place to human and non-human actors. Thus in Bruno's political theory, a virus is a political actor, as well as water, trees, air. These non-humans speak in different modes and humans have to go beyond The Enlightenment fame, the last 300 to 400 years, to hear them. We can learn from earlier cultures. Most of those "primitive" cultures have been wiped out in the march of progress, but there are still traces and outbreaks in politics like the Water Protectors.

A couple of days ago, I thought that the Pandemic is an early warning about the destruction of the Earth. We know that industrial agriculture increases the chances of pandemics and who know what is hidden in the permafrost that will start another pandemic. Yes it is an early warning but more. Bruno has a couple of insightful tweets yesterday.

One of the ways that The State is legitimate is through public health. Can the state make the enormous change to health of non-humans?

We have to learn to hear what the virus is telling us. Sanitation is needed for the current pandemic, but that is not the long term answer. Note the standard empire answer is to declare war: we are in a war against the virus. But are we capable of learning from the history of the European land grab of the last few hundred years because now the land is grabbing us. To listen to the virus is to realize deeply that we are harming Gaia and we need to modify our behavior.

This is just a taste of his work. I have been reading and trying to get the message out for a decade and basically have failed. It is so different, so wide ranging, that it is hard to get beyond the modern frame that dominants thought and action. We can see how stuck the DNC is, but the environmental movement has also been stuck because it argues within the dominant frame. And politics, with its simple minded, left vs right, socialism vs capitalism, etc. also is going in a circle.

I do not recommend starting with Bruno's book "we have never been modern."

Here is a book review of his latest book. Bruno is French.

Bruno Latour, the Philosopher of Science Who Changed Art Theory, Explains His New Book on Climate Change The author of 'Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime' on the Yellow Vest movement and his manifesto for the EU.

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