Nevada Caucus Final Results

With 100% of precincts reporting--stated as number of pledged delegates won--here are the actual results from Nevada:


Predicted results (from FiveThirtyEight) were as follows (so you can see who over-performed/under-performed compared):

Bernie--19 (over-performed)
Buttigieg--6 (under-performed)
Biden--5 (over-performed)
Warren--3 (under-performed)
Others--3 (under-performed)

The current overall standings with combined delegates from Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada are (keeping in mind that Iowa is not 100% final yet):


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Digging into the county totals from NV...

Biden overperformed in Clark County (24%) and underperformed everywhere else (even down to 3.5% in one county).

Conversely, Buttigieg overperformed (with 30+% in some rural counties) elsewhere and got clobbered in Clark (12%).

Basically, chalk up Biden's 2nd place showing to Harry Reid treating his old pal Joe to one last night in Vegas. Otherwise Buttigieg would probably have come in 2nd - somewhere in the low-20's range.

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The current working assumption appears to be that our Shroedinger's Cat system is still alive. But what if we all suspect it's not, and the real problem is we just can't bring ourselves to open the box?

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According to the results (not yet final) Tulsi only got 0.1% of the vote. Ouch! But least she was mentioned. A crack in the wall of silence--or gloating because her vote total was so low?

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@Alligator Ed With all the predictions of Bernie being robbed(and confirmation by other candidates that that is indeed the intention), people are worried about voting for Tulsi. Even the semi-ranked-choice process isn't enough to alleviate that worry, because of the many caucuses.

In a ranked choice system, I would be torn between Sanders and Gabbard for first choice, but would probably go with Gabbard.

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With slighty less than 50% of the votes, Bernie gets 2/3rds of the delegates.
I suspect Tom Perez is getting an earful about the rulz.

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proportional to his vote in the Nevada Caucus.

Color me shocked that the Democratic Party isn't screwing him over one more time just for fun.

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Bernie received 40.5% of the caucus votes, 46.4% of the CCD’s and 66.7% of the National delegates.

The Nevada caucus system can produce some strange and disparate results, at least in comparison to a simple, honest, one person-one vote election.

This year, Bernie was so far ahead going into the caucus no amount of vote shaving, or other monkey business was going to flip the outcome to a so called “moderate” candidate. The overwhelming enthusiasm and support for Bernie rendered the standard dirty tricks inoperative.

This is how we need to win going forward. Overwhelm the fuckers!

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@ovals49 Bernie only got 40% of the vote, yet he got TWO THIRDS of the delegates!

.... said the superdelegate.

I'm still uncomfortable with this outcome, but I'm also still grinning.

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in the national delegate numbers. The delegates selected at the caucuses have to show up at the county conventions and vote in the same proportion as the results from the caucuses. In 2016, the Clark Co. made it difficult and confusing for delegate to attend the convention. Clinton delegates were supplied with clear and easy to follow instructions for the convention by the Clinton campaign. (One can speculate that this was done in collusion with the Clark Co. DP.)

Whipped caucus voters and the resulting delegates aren't as committed to the candidate and the process. That's why HRC lost delegates and Obama gained delegates through the county and state convention rounds. So, the 2016 shenanigans were to compensate for no-show HRC delegates by thwarting Sanders' delegates and led to the brouhaha that made news. Trust that Sanders' team won't let that happen to them again. Not sure the other new candidates fully appreciate this and have the resources, which does take a bit of money, to stay on top of this.

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