Tucker Carlson rips our "ruling class" for trying to stop Bernie and Trump in Russia Hoax 2.0

Come on, how can you not like the fact that Tucker Carlson says this?


"Our democratic system is, in fact, under attack. That much is true. But it's not the Russians who were attacking it. It's not even the Chinese," Carlson said. "It's being attacked by our own ruling class."

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I don't even have to listen to it to know this -- is that Carlson invoked the formulation "Ruling Class" within an analysis of the American political system. We're not supposed to have a ruling class. This is the equivalent -- really -- of any "serious person" on any MSM program suddenly talking about the decline of the American Empire -- which, any serious person will tell you, isn't actually a thing, so it can't possibly be declining.

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The earth is a multibillion-year-old sphere.
The Nazis killed millions of Jews.
On 9/11/01 a Boeing 757 (AA77) flew into the Pentagon.
AGCC is happening.
If you cannot accept these facts, I cannot fake an interest in any of your opinions.

@UntimelyRippd Before OWS anybody using the language of "class struggle" was squelched, marginalized, etc. America was a total meritocracy--not classes much less ruling classes. When OWS came along I thought one of thee biggest contributions they made before they were violently put down is that the movement gave Americans a vocabulary, however small, to describe class conflict. The 1%ers and the 99% which has gained common currency.

And now Carlson says "ruling class" over and over. And he describes it as a class pushed by greed as its main driving characteristic and very importantly, its disloyatly to the country. Dang.

You know, in some ways Trump paved a kind of small gravel road for Tucker. Left reporters who went to his rallies said Trump talked a lot about the power elite suppression. And it was not the typical culture war cliches but economic elites.

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Those that own the news, decide who tells the news.
They will not tolorate someone who goes against their wish.
Unless of course, Tuck is just ginning up the game.
Nothing better than someone drunk on power thinking they have a poker face.
They don't call it fox for nothing.
Thanks Linda.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

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NAFTA started the decimation of the jobs in the country and we can thank Bill Clinton and the democrats that voted for it. This of course started under Reagan, but he couldn't have done what he did without help from democrats. After our parents made companies successful they were repaid by seeing them offshored so that the kids didn't have a chance that they did in being successful in life. Next Clinton deregulated the banks leaving Bush with the opportunity to crash the economy. ByeDone made it so people couldn't discharge their debts through bankruptcy and then Obama bailed every one of them out leaving the country with staggering debts. The elites have been very patient in rolling back every damn thing that let people support themselves.

UR is correct about us not supposing to have a ruling class. Didn't the founders fight a war against that? Something about throwing tea into the Boston harbor because Britain was giving their companies deferential treatment? This is exactly what the oil, gas, pharmaceutical and Amazon et all are receiving at the expense of the mom and pop companies.

Bush started the new scare tactics with his color coded alerts and now we being subjected to the new Red Scare, but it's still not just one party doing it. The republicans are just as on board with Russia propaganda as the democrats are as the NYT detailed today.

"The death of outrage"? For gawd's sake! I am outraged though about the stupidity of people who have fallen for Russia Gate. Okay I'm going on a rant here so I'm out...but seriously how can people not see that they are being manipulated?

Thanks, Linda for posting this.

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"I will be the best, the best, you know, you know the thing!”
- Joe Biden


George H. W. Bush promoted NAFTA like crazy but could never pass it, as back in those days, Democrats largely recognized that it was bad for American workers and Industries, and so they had (correctly) opposed it.

But Bill Clinton came along and gave it "cover" on the Left, and NAFTA passed easily with Clinton as President. Al Gore even became NAFTA's star public salesman.

Clinton also blew up FDR's Bank Reforms by repealing Glass-Steagall (which set the stage for the 2008 economic meltdown). And then there was Clinton's Telecommunications Act which led to consolidation and monopolization of the Mainstream Media under just 3 ownership entities - and you have created one big, giant megaphone for the Ruling Class. These are things that the old Republican Establishment had wanted to do, but never could. That's the Clinton record. He did that.

It would be something very new and different to see two candidates that the Ruling Class both hate equally actually run against each other in 2020. Who would they root for then?

Although for me Bernie Sanders buys into too many of the Establishment (Ruling Class) narratives like: 1) "Russia is stealing the Election", "Trump is a working for Putin", (in other words, he'll just parrot whatever the CIA-Globalist agenda decides upon - and he will not be trying to "drain the swamp" or expose CIA lies), and 2) the insanity of Open Borders with guarantees to illegal border crossers .. various rights, services, and exemption from laws -- that American's own legal, taxpaying citizens do not have (George Soros agenda to overrun our Country with a large, manufactured, permanent underclass).

Sanders also promotes "Identity Politics" where you're either a victim, an instant hero, or entitled to preferential treatment (or all three) depending on just what demographic you belong to. This is clearly divisive, antithetical to Dr. King's own inspiring message (judge people by the content of their character), and even though Hollywood loves this stuff, "middle america" ain't gonna buy it.

Today we see the Democratic Establishment (Obama, Hillary, Biden) all promote and support these corrupt and malicious Anti-American (Globalist) Trade deals (TPP, NAFTA, China Trade, etc) that they once opposed - and also hate what Trump has done to revive American Manufacturing. This is not your grandfather's Democratic Establishment. They truly are anti-American in many respects. And although Bernie opposed NAFTA, he did nothing to help or support Trump's efforts to use the Tariff system to force the other Countries into an economic position where they were finally compelled to renegotiate the terms -- more favorable to America workers and Industries.

Bernie Sanders is much more of a contradiction then he was back in 2015/2016. There was no open border stuff back then with him. And he looked strong on Trade back then .. but not anymore now in a match up with Trump in 2020 - who even got China to re-negotiate.


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Edward R. Murrow.

He apparently broke with Republicans over the Iraq War and views himself as a conservative libertarian. Can be useful and rational in critiquing actions and policies of both Democrats and Republicans, but offer nothing more tan a vague notion that everyone can succeed on his own.

Carlson appears not to have deviated much from his father except for splitting from the GOP. An accidental connection - Reagan appointed Dick Carlson, Tucker's father, Director of VOA, the a media division of USIA. Edward R. Murrow resigned from CBS January 1961 to accept appointment from JFK as head of USIA.

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This 'puppet of Putin' has levied the strongest sanctions on Russia since the 'Cold War', instituted NATO military exercises along Russia's border,exited missile defense treaty with Russia, fed arms to the Neo Nazis that are waging a war against Russia in Ukraine's Donbass region, levies sanctions on even allied Countries for doing business with Russia,Russian diplomats have been thrown out of the US and European Countries were pressured to follow suit, attacks all of Russia's allies and right now is behind Turkey in their conflict with Russia. Soldiers on both sides are dying and with Turkey being a NATO lackey this is a very dangerous situation that can quickly escalate into a much larger conflict, possibly international.
What a friend and I guess as they say 'a worldwide secret'.

Those are just a few of the many examples, and this is what angers me about all of the Democrats in the presidential primary race but more so with Bernie in particular.
Can anyone convince me that someone like me, and many others, know these things but Bernie doesn't?

Yes Vladimir Putin only has those problems to deal with, and many more examples not mentioned here, as he governs a multi ethnic Country that spreads across eleven time zones

Oliver Stone's interview of Vladimir Putin should be shown to Bernie, especially the last one of the series where Oliver asks about the claims that Russia meddled in the US election in 2016.
To which V Putin didn't just deny it but told Mr. Stone of all the Presidents that have come and gone since he has been in office and (paraphrasing) it has never made a difference who was elected because regardless of what they say while running for Office the policies toward Russia have never changed.
This is why I want Tulsi Gabbard as Bernie's VP, she was willing to risk the inevitable flack from interviewing Assad (she interviewed citizens around the Country as well) to get first hand knowledge of the situation instead of just repeating everything the CIA said about him. That is practicing 'diplomacy' not war. Not to mention that had Russia not intervened, by request of the Assad govt.,the US could've added Syria to its ever growing list of destroyed Countries, killing countless people, creating many more terrorist cells for our proxies and millions of more refugees. All of which threaten Russia.

Democracy Now! interview with Oliver Stone
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, I thought one of the most fascinating parts in the interviews was the understanding of his perspective of how, when Russia came out—when the Soviet Union collapses, and the Gorbachev period and the Yeltsin period, that he felt that the predatory nature of the capitalism that first came into Russia was something that had to be opposed, and that, in essence, that he felt—that he basically told the capitalists, “Look, you guys are out of control. You know, the pension systems, the conditions of the people have gotten too—they cannot be sustained this way.” And so he attempted, essentially, to curb the most rapacious form of capitalism.

OLIVER STONE: Absolutely true. That’s why he’s popular, because he did it. He not only put Russian economy back on its feet, he got income back to the people. He was, in a sense, a populist dictator at that point, because—I wouldn’t even say dictator, just he was an authoritarian. But he got that economy going. And they’re thankful. Now, things change. It’s been 16 years, off and on. He’s been president three times, prime minister one time. But they really—they like his resilience. And they feel—even Mr. Gorbachev, who was very critical of him early on, says that he’s the man for now, because he—everyone in Russia understands the pressure the United States is bringing, and NATO is bringing, on the borders of Russia.


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was published in 2007 and the section on Russia is excellent. Shocking that journalists and those in Congress are so ignorant on this matter. And I do think it's ignorance because none of them have the requisite acting skills necessary to repeat this Russia/Putin garbage as fact.

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Those are just a few of the many examples, and this is what angers me about all of the Democrats in the presidential primary race but more so with Bernie in particular.
Can anyone convince me that someone like me, and many others, know these things but Bernie doesn't?

Exactly. Has Sanders decided to willfully ignore the RussiaGate malarkey, knowing it's total bunk? Or does he actually believe it? Either way, it's very troubling to me. When he says Venezuela is ruled by a ruthless dictator, does he believe it, or is he simply taking the easy way out? Does he actually believe the White Helmets are some paragons of virtue, battling the evil Assad? Or does he fully understand it for the propaganda scam it is?

If elected, will Sanders continue the murderous sanctions against countries such as Syria and Venezuela? We have only his words to go by, as I am not aware of anyone publicly questioning him in regard to these issues. Perhaps Tucker Carlson should ask him – evidently no one else will.

If Sanders is so sure about RussiaGate, as his words tell, then can we expect a President Sanders to continue to arm the Ukrainian fascists, to continue the lie that Russia seized Crimea? Will he continue to push NATO's nukes to the very borders of Russia? So far, I have seen no hint that he wouldn't do these things – at least not from words he has spoken or written.

Would a President Sanders continue the attempt by American corporations to rape the natural resources of sovereign nations – oil from Syria, oil and rare minerals from Venezuela, and now gawd knows what from the African continent? No one is asking and I know of nothing he has stated to have me believe he would not continue these. Does he stand for it or not? I don't think anyone knows. Maybe Jane Sanders knows; I surely don't.

Oliver Stone's interview of Vladimir Putin should be shown to Bernie, especially the last one of the series where Oliver asks about the claims that Russia meddled in the US election in 2016. ...

It's hard for me to believe that Bernie hasn't seen this. Again, maybe someone should ask him. How can someone be in his position and not have watched that? It's inconceivable to me. Hell, he should have memorized it.

I agree with your position of wanting Tulsi as VP with Sanders. To a degree that would say to me, "Look, all this foreign policy talk from me has been rhetoric to get elected." Of course, if it is rhetoric, then I see shades of Obama. Big time.

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Just what would he change on our foreign policies and what would he continue? Remember it was Obama who said that Venezuela was a national security risk to us and he put the sanctions on them that Trump has continued. Bernie calling Maduro a dictator got a pass from a lot of people and I was told to sit down and not question him cuz we need him to get his domestic agendas passed. Umm no I won't. Our foreign policy is my number one issued. More people should be asking about Bernie's. IMO...

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"I will be the best, the best, you know, you know the thing!”
- Joe Biden

but as much as I hate to say it, not now. Objectively, he will need a goodly number HRC voters in the ge and they'll tune him out if he challenges their Russiagate delusion. For those not deluded, it's a bit like the 2008 primary choice: neoliberalcon vs. possibly not neoliberalcon. Those that went with the latter, should never have forgotten that their choice was provisional until further evidence answered the question. And that began to materialize rather quickly after Obama was elected, but so few were willing to integrate the facts as they came about.

So, once again, a dash of educated faith is unavoidable. In general, early political orientation is rarely totally excised, regardless of how far and wide one shifts. It's why some of us have no trouble seeing/hearing the Republicanism in Elizabeth Warren. It remains quite strong in Hillary Clinton. My strong support for Gore in 2000 was based not on his having been a senior member of the wretched Clinton administration and at the time personally in sync with it, but his political roots which is exactly what emerged in his acceptance speech (infuriating Bill Clinton in the process). Still, if inaugurated (I wasn't prescient enough to imagine elected wasn't sufficient), he could have gone right back to being a neoliberalcon. Like GWB but without 9/11 and the Iraq War (but things that don't happen don't figure into our thoughts), and attacks on environmentalism.

Thus on war and peace and mass delusion, we know where all the other candidates stand and with little doubt that it's inauthentic. Sanders -- maybe not, but he's still better than the rest on other public policy issues.

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He is of course right that no matter who gets to play president our foreign policies don't change.

I saw this comment in this article about how dems are rolling out Russia Gate again.

We don't. No matter who we vote for we get Netanyahu.

Now ain't that the truth? Israel does more than meddles in our elections, they outright own the government.

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"I will be the best, the best, you know, you know the thing!”
- Joe Biden

in response to a Guardian Article: "Live/Russia reportedly trying to aid Bernie Sanders campaign."

This genuinely is on the Guardian front page now.

I think when the amazing history of the Hillary/DNC/FBI/CIA Russiagate conspiracy theory comes to be written, this might be noted as the moment of peak delusion.

Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg all losing.


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Right wing populism can sound a lot like left wing populism until you dissect it. You'll notice he bemoans the "loss" of global military superiority, the decline of religous values (gay marriage, etc.?), the immigrant invasion, and other matters which sound like some things you might agree with but actually are not. His conception of the "ruling class" is likely not entirely what it seems, either; I suspect in another time that "class" would have been labelled "the Jews"; somehow this "class" simultaneously consists of billionaires sucking the lifeblood out of America and is also working in the shadows to usher in the dreaded socialism. It's right out of the rightwing playbook, Mein Kampf.

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warning for weeks. Interesting.

If you had told me years ago that I'd be applauding Tucker, I'd have tossed my beer in your face.

Now I think I'll just drink it.

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

Doubt any of the 'liberal' cable propagandists will invite Mate to appear on their shows.

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