Russia Hoax

Tucker Carlson rips our "ruling class" for trying to stop Bernie and Trump in Russia Hoax 2.0

Come on, how can you not like the fact that Tucker Carlson says this?

"Our democratic system is, in fact, under attack. That much is true. But it's not the Russians who were attacking it. It's not even the Chinese," Carlson said. "It's being attacked by our own ruling class."

Barr and Durham to investigate the CIA

It seems fitting that today is Sept. 11, or in holiday parlance: Patriot’s Day.  When I’d seen that on the calendar a few days ago, I almost threw up.

‘What spooked the spooks? What we still don’t know about Russiagate (by Stephen Cohen)’, 6 Sep, 2019,

“But the question remains: Why did Western intelligence agencies, prompted, it seems clear, by US ones, seek to undermine Trump’s presidential campaign? A reflexive answer might be because candidate Trump promised to “cooperate with Russia,” to pursue a pro-détente foreign policy, but this was hardly a startling, still less subversive, advocacy by a would-be Republican president. All of the major pro-détente episodes in the 20th century had been initiated by Republican presidents: Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan.” [snip]

A Clean Well-Lit Place to Expand Your View — in Moscow

If you have time to kick back for a few minutes, and would like a refreshing overview of "these dark days of the Hoax" — I think you might enjoy my favorite RT show, Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle. Today we'll travel to Moscow and watch the wacky end-of-the-Hoax events through international eyes.

Game Over? Not Really. The Time has Come to Investigate the Perpatrators of the Russia Hoax


This morning's press conference with Attorney General Bill Barr, as he released the redacted report of the Mueller investigation to Congress, came and went without a single surprise for any well-informed person with critical thinking skills.

Attorney General Barr Calls for an Investigation into the Origins of the Investigation, to Prevent Future Abuses of Government Power.

I have nothing to say about Assange that hasn't already been said. Reaction to the passive coverage is really just noise that a fake democracy makes when the topic is not permitted in the first place.

On anotther note, I did notice that domestic media is pinging a topic today that has been forbidden by the monopolies in recent years:

Mr. Google Goes to Washington

That’s how editor, Sam Thielman, is describing Congress at NBC News after watching the House Judiciary Committee grilling Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, and questioning him about who was responsible for the media bias against conservatives on the Internet. On Tuesday, Republican ignorance was front and center by virtue of the fact that they head the committee and they are calling the shots. The Democratic brain-trust will be on display in January 2019, if this committee reforms.

The technical illiteracy in both parties is a danger to the nation. Their inquiry strategy is reminiscent a blindfolded man with a long stick trying to land a blow on a pinata that he cannot see. The current Congress simply does not fully grasp the technology enough to see where it is headed in order to ask a competent question. The spectacle is at once humorous and terrifying. Any attempt to regulate or legislate the technologies involved is beyond their comprehension. They are clearly unable to judge the meaning and proper context of the information they were handed by their "advisors" in preparation for this hearing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to explain to Congress why Googling the word "idiot" brings back a picture of President Trump.

Russia Hoax 2.0: The Erstwhile "Spies" Who Stumbled in From the Cold

On Wednesday at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in the Russian city of Vladivostok, during a panel event with Japan's Shinzo Abe and China's Xi Jinping the international audience was very surprised when President Vladimir Putin suddenly shared the latest developments in the Skripal poisoning case. "We know who they are, we have found them," Putin told the startled audience, referring to the two men named by UK authorities as suspects.

"They are civilians, of course," he added with a bemused look, explaining that they are not quite the notorious criminals the British politicians were hoping for. He then looked directly into the camera saying, "I want to address them [the suspects]... [I hope] they contact the media. I hope they appear and tell everything about themselves."

Lying Just as Fast as They Can

Here we are, late in the Trump/Russia Collusion Investigation, and the evidence is still as thin and weak as watery milk. The media monopolies are the ever-present mouthpieces of last resort when you absolutely, positively need to misinform and confuse the American public, and they performed as expected. For them, it's no longer about proving that Vladimir Putin has seized control of the United States from his sinister Kremlin office. In recent weeks, they've been talking a mile a minute just to obscure their own perfidy. Watching them, one gets the impression that if they stop to take a breath their pants will fall down.

(It’s a little late in the day for that, I’d say.)

Since the end of July, Lanny Davis (Michael Cohen’s attorney) has been sneaking around as an “unnamed source” passing insider news to "easy" media like CNN. In this latest narrative, we are told that Michael Cohen is going to drop the dime on his client, Donald Trump. It seems that Cohen witnessed Trump engaged in *actual* Russian collusion.