Greetings earthlings; I come in peace.

A couple folks noticed the camera in my avatar and made the mistake of asking me if I'd mind sharing a few of my photos. They only had to twist my arm a little bit. I'm new to the site and probably not known by many here so thought that a photo essay might it be a pretty good way of introducing myself to those who don't know me.

Open Thread - Wednesday August 26, 2015

Growing up, I was exposed to most types of music around. My mother loved classical music, my father loved jazz, and they both loved forties big band and Latin music. My mother is musical and played the piano by ear. When I was a child, my parents gave me and my sister piano lessons. I stuck with it for four years but still cannot play very well. My sister made it six months and quit. But despite my failing to learn an instrument, I have always enjoyed music.