Iraq, Lies, and the Drums Of War

Both Washington and the news media are bending over backwards to drum up support for a war with Iran. In the proud tradition of incubator babies and yellowcake, they are both twisting the facts and outright lying. The further you go to the right-wing of the news media, the bigger and more belligerent the lies.

First of all, let's look at some examples.


Liar War Criminal Trump continues Illegal Syria War, Syria says GTF Out

Between the Obama and Trump administrations, they've gone back and forth and back again on why they're in Syria. Remember when Obama, Kerry et all basically admitted the reason the U.S. was in Syria was because "Assad has got to go". Then they say he doesn't, then he does, then ISIS number two is shot, then ISIS number two is killed, then the beat goes on doncha miss Sonny and Cher. Or maybe not.

American Privilege

Caitlyn Johnstone has been writing some pretty good articles lately. Today she hit one out of the park.

Her framing of the issue in this article is just a masterpiece - and if it catches on, it just might be a way to fight back against the warmonger Democrats in the public mind.

I'll post an excerpt below the fold, but it is really worth clicking the link to read this article in full.

OMG! The RUSSIANS are a THREAT to us with all their hacking stuff!

Note: following DallasDoc's example, I thought I'd publish this here before doing so at Dailykos, which was my original intention. Yes, I published an earlier version of this argument here back in October.

Are we talking about acts of war?

Should America launch retaliatory measures?

(Head shaking…)

Enough of all this hysterical arm-waving, warmongers. In what may be a completely futile effort (given the current makeup of the Dailykos community), I want to offer a voice of Sanity and Reason to counter all of the jingoistic rhetoric we’ve been hearing lately.

For the sake of argument, let’s just go ahead and assume the worst-case-scenario that the warmongers are advancing---that Russian government employees did the hacking at Putin’s direction.