voter suppression

"The Democratic Party is the champion of voter suppression"

For decades we've heard the Democrats yell and scream and shed crocodile tears about the GOP's voter suppression efforts. Yet for some reason, the Democrats never seemed to be able to do anything about it.
The reason for the Democrats inability to fight back on this issue is extremely simple: They are hypocrites.

Where Is the Support in the Left Media for the #DNCFraudLawsuit? Say It Ain't So - Both Thomas Frank and TYT Panel Shirk From Standing With DNC Collusion and Fraud Issues. Where Are Our Allies?

With the #DNCFraudLawsuit Gaining Momentum, Where Are The Left Journalists Covering Electoral Fraud/Voter Suppression/DNC Collusion of The Rigged the Dem Primary?/Loads of Evidence of Documented Foul Play, Here's Just Some From New York and Chicago/If Elections Are the Foundation of Democracy, Then Where Are We As A Country When They're Proven To Be Corrupted?

As the political waters become murkier and murkier, in most every direction at the moment, it becomes more and more incumbent on us to be ever vigilant citizen watchdogs and journalists. We must watch closely those who we we're inclined to think of as allies.

Take a Look at This: Rick Scott Refuses to Extend Voter Registration Deadline for Florida due to Hurricane Matthew

I don't need to tell you that Hurricane Matthew is a monster storm. It cut a path of terrible destruction through the Caribbean, particularly Haiti. The death toll there is surging into the hundreds. Then it pummeled Florida, where President Obama declared a state of emergency on Thursday. Governor Rick Scott has refused to extend the voter registration deadline of October 11th, a ploy to ensure that many potential voters never make it to the polls.

This major California update just popped up on my Facebook feed

Sigh. I had really wanted my first essay here to be more substantive, but I wanted to share this and hadn't seen anyone else post it.

Admittedly it is a little second hand but if true could be good news.

Major Cali update - Reddit Sanders for President

The People of California, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, & New Jersey Deserve a Vote and a Voice.

The election is NOT over, and I am still supporting Bernie Sanders.

I made a donation today, as I have done either before or after every primary. And that is on top of the donation that I make automatically once a month. Please consider doing the same. Continuing to donate helps to send a message that we intend to support Bernie Sanders all the way to the convention.