For Discussion Purposes: Video Games, Movies, Guns.

The other day I posted this on Facebook. I'm curious to see what C99ers have to say about it since you/we are a different sort of crowd.

maybe it *is* the "video games". Along with other sick weirdnesses of our national culture. Yes, there's the availability of guns, obviously. But I was at the Hawthorne Hideaway last night to see the Zags.

Why Is There No Violent Yellow Vest Uprising in America?

Widespread social violence, extreme income inequality, and rage at perceived injustice are the classical indicators of the onset of political rebellion.

By the indicators that are commonly used to predict violent political insurrection, America, rather than France, should have been the first to erupt into widespread street protests and rebellion. There are factors at work that aren’t being taken into consideration in the standard model, as will be explained, below.

Blade Runner 2049 - Dystopias R Us, Qualudes (and spoilers) included

Blade Runner 2049 is a waste of your time and money. Don't bother with it. It loots the original movie to obtain the worldview behind this movie's "plot". It adds nothing of value to the original, well-done dystopia, unless you count total boredom as a new theme.

Missouri transgender teen slaughtered in Ozarks

Earlier in my life, I lived in Joplin, MO. This story makes me shudder.

Ally Lee Steinfeld, 17, of Houston, Missouri came out as a transgender girl in May. In June, she posted on Instagram:

I am proud to be me. I am proud to be trans. I am beautiful. I don't care what people think.

An even score as the storm hit

Twenty-six year-old Derricka Banner became the 20th transgender person murdered this year when she was shot to death in her car early Tuesday morning in Charlotte, NC, as rain and wind from Irma were lashing the city. Montavious Sanchez Berry, 18, was arrested later on Tuesday and charged with the murder.

Banner was originally from New York, but has recently been a resident on Lenoir, NC. Sanchez is a Charlotte resident.

Too many

Last Saturday in Waxahachie, TX, Gwynevere River Song reportedly got into an argument with another adult in her home, which led to that other person shooting Song to death. We have no idea what the argument concerned, but we do know that Song was a transgender woman. The assailant was also injured during the shooting and he was transported to a hospital.

Fighting in the Street--Why did the police hold back?

Charlottesville and before it, Berkeley, were the scenes of bloody confrontation. In the former instance a premeditated murder (or manslaughter with reckless indifference) occurred. In the latter, one example was a demonstrator being hit in the head by a University Professor with a bicycle lock and chain.

This is the Summer of Hate, about which I wrote only a few days ago.

Before you think about violence…. think!

Some comments to my latest blog said I was wrong for talking about non-violent resistance. My own history includes training to be a USMC officer including how to kill with my bare hands. That training changed me forever. I do not want to kill another human being for any reason including “self defense”.


On Monday Tee Tee Dangerfield, a 32-year-old Atlanta resident became the sixteenth transgender person known to be murdered this year. Dangerfield was found in her car near an apartment complex in College Park suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. She was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital but did not survive.