Syria War

Liar War Criminal Trump continues Illegal Syria War, Syria says GTF Out

Between the Obama and Trump administrations, they've gone back and forth and back again on why they're in Syria. Remember when Obama, Kerry et all basically admitted the reason the U.S. was in Syria was because "Assad has got to go". Then they say he doesn't, then he does, then ISIS number two is shot, then ISIS number two is killed, then the beat goes on doncha miss Sonny and Cher. Or maybe not.

The Five Year U.S. War against Syria Enters a New Phase

I need to be talked down. Donald Trump, the President of this country and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and intelligence services, has unilaterally attacked Syria with missiles aimed at government and military resources, based on the lie that the Assad government was behind the recent alleged chemical weapons incident in Syria. There is no doubt the alleged chemical weapon incident was a false flag taken to justify this very action. Anyone who doubts that, prove me wrong.

The Syria War, Propaganda and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Syria "civil" war began in 2011 after unrest occurred in the context of the manufactured Arab Spring protests.

"The CIA’s Fake “Arab Spring” Becoming A Long, Hot Summer Of War"

"U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings"

Water Crisis in Syria, "We think it was worth it."

syrian water.jpg

Water contamination and a water blockade have been occurring in Damascus, Syria which evidently involves the White Helmets, the Nobel Peace prize nominated, NATO sponsored, terrorist affiliated, propaganda "organization". If it involves the White Helmets, it also involves the U.S. and Britain.