I wish FDR hadn't run for President

It was really irresponsible of him to run when he had polio.

Our history would be so much better if he had just told everybody he couldn't handle the duties of the Presidency due to illness, and told the Democrats to run J. Hamilton Lewis. After all, Lewis was so much more electable and had so much more chance of beating Hoover.

Mike Gravel you're confusing me

From the WSJ

Mike Gravel Endorses Tulsi Gabbard — and Bernie Sanders

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel may have left the race for president, but he’s not going away.

After he endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Tuesday, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign said Wednesday he had endorsed her bid, and released a statement from him.

Tuesday Night Rumble: Bernin' Bernie Sanders vs Toronto Ted Cruz

2017 is turning out to be be continuing on the path set by 2016 by becoming wierderer and wierderer. Imagine if you will, the Clinton News Network broadcasting a full, unedited political debate in an really non-partisan way (really! I mean it). The format was straightforward. The speakers were self-controlled, by and large sticking to the questions proffered by the audience. The audience questioners presented represented a fair balance of differing opinions..

America's Answer to Itself: Let's Keep Talking

With the Trump coronation near at hand, the question of his “legitimacy” as POTUS 45 continue to dominate the news, and those silly Russians still don’t get off stage!

It is not apparent what legitimacy means in this context. Is Trump the benevolent standard bearer of the PEOPLE (the 95%) of America and the of the world? Of course not. (And I don’t see the comedy in the arrogant CEO’s off-the-cuff insults and one-liners.)

The Shrinking Pie

I must say that I have lost interest in the DT food fights that are so popular these days. The man won, the Democrats and other left groups keep losing and my meatspace friends are still barking up the wrong tree. But they are all good people deep down, so instead, I have been concentrating on explaining why so many people might have been desperate enough to take a chance on Trump. Most of them seem to get it, and hopefully this will lead to better outcomes going forward.

Bernie's delegates were spied on by Clinton

In a May email released by DC Leaks, Marlon Marshall, the director of states and political engagement for the Hillary Clinton campaign, forwarded two documents to several top Clinton staffers. One of these was a spreadsheet of detailed information about several Bernie Sanders supporters and Sanders delegates. This was described as part of a “Unity Check” for the Democratic Party.

The True Purpose of Superdelegates or How the DNC Lies to Convince You They Know Best

This whole election cycle has convinced me that the corruption (that I always knew was there) truly runs deep. The system is rotten to the core. So I decided to look up a brief history of superdelegates.

The history is a bit involved but the basic premise is that the Democratic Party, in the wake of presidential campaign losses beginning in 1968, wanted a system that would insure that the best candidate was put forward.


A Primary In Review: Was the Democratic Primary Rigged?

Throughout the Democratic primary, many raised doubts as to the impartiality of the process. These doubts stemmed primarily from grievances regarding systemic issues like superdelegates and closed primaries as well as concerns surrounding the Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had co-chaired Clinton’s primary run in 2008. The media’s seemingly slanted coverage only added to suspicions.

Yes, in mundane but still dirty ways, the nomination WAS stolen from Bernie

I'm sure he regrets now taking the emails off the table in the first debate. And never touching the Foundation, which obviously was always an egregious conflict of interest for a Secretary of State, dovetailing completely with his dominant campaign theme about the role of money in politics.