The Only Question worth Asking: whose False Flag was the Ukrainian Airline Crash?

**Update** The Iranian foreign office apparently just admitted it was their missile that shot down the plane unintentionally. While we have to accept this admission as fact for now, there are still many facts that don't add up, including that it took them this long to 'fess up, that after their top spokesperson yesterday claimed it was impossible that a missile would shoot the plane down. There are also many implications not all of which are favorable to Iran.

Attorney General Barr Calls for an Investigation into the Origins of the Investigation, to Prevent Future Abuses of Government Power.

I have nothing to say about Assange that hasn't already been said. Reaction to the passive coverage is really just noise that a fake democracy makes when the topic is not permitted in the first place.

On anotther note, I did notice that domestic media is pinging a topic today that has been forbidden by the monopolies in recent years:

Hellraisers Journal: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Lectures Brooklyn Audience on the Limitation of Births

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Monday January 17, 1916
Brooklyn, New York - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Lectures on Limitation of Birth

Saturday's Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that the I. W. W. organizer, Gurley Flynn, addressed a Brooklyn audience Friday evening on the subject of birth control. As is usual when covering events conducted by members of the Industrial Workers of the World, the Eagle must first begin by mocking the event before briefly describing Miss Flynn's presentation:

Girl Orator's Listeners, Mostly Juveniles,
Exit When Money Is Sought.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Marxist org.png

About a half-hundred half-grown boys and girls with a sprinkling of adults listened with avid interest to a talk by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the I. W. W. leader, on the subject of limitation of births last night. The meeting was held in Plaza Hall, Grand and Havemeyer streets, with the avowed intention of teaching poor mothers to improve their economic condition. The interest continued until an effort was made to collect the 15-cent fee, with which it was hoped to defray the expenses of the lecture, when there was a rush to get out.

The lecturer scheduled for the evening was Mrs. Margaret H. Sanger, who is expounding her doctrine on the subject taken up by Miss Flynn in various parts of the country. She was ill, however, and could not keep her engagement. Dr. Frank Harris made an address touching upon the same subject from the view point of a medical practitioner. Dr. Joseph Slavitt presided.