What will the Democrats do when they have to abandon the Trump/Putin konspiracy theories?

For the past year, instead of attacking Trump for real, concrete reasons of his horribleness, Democrats have gone off the deep end of crazy, irrational, konspiracy theories about Russia. Just visit any Democratic blog like DKos and witness the demands of faith in the unproven that is so absolute that voicing doubts can get you denounced for heresy and banned.

It's not about Putin; It's just Dirty, Machiavellian Politics

Democrats have lost their minds.
Well, Democratic voters have lost their minds.
The Democratic Party leadership, OTOH, knows exactly what it's doing.

The hysterical Russophobia rhetoric has only partly to do with Russia. It's real target is Trump.

OMG! Putin has taken over the United States!

Just the other day, while I was bribing my local political commissar, it hit me.
It's time to stop denying it: the Soviets won the Cold War.

Oh sure, you probably thought the United States won. It just goes to show how sneaky those Russians were.
You probably didn't even noticed that they slowly invaded us over the last 25 years.

Puttin' up with Putin and Russian Geopolitics

Vladimir Vladimirovich has some opinions regarding the outcome of this faux election.

The author of parts of this essay are by Sergei Markov, who runs a pro-Kremlin think tank in Moscow and is the deputy head of the international cooperation committee in the Civic Chamber.

Assume Putin DID weaponize Wikileaks to damage the election

So as I am sure you are all aware, the HRCDNC is propagating the idea "murmor/rumor' that Putin weaponized wikileaks sabotage the US Election in favor of Trump.

Obviously, this is a smoke and mirror tactic by the HRCDNC to obfuscate the real issues, their own bullshit stupidity and corruption.

We know that the leaks came from Guccifer 2.0 who is not Russian. But the theory is that Putin put him up to it and had him send the info to wikileaks.

Russia claims they have Clinton's "secret" emails. May release them.

"Moscow’s discreet messaging about a possible leak of the traffic, in time to impact the U.S. elections, was designed to pressure faster U.S. legal action on the matter, but was largely due to Russian concerns about possible U.S. strategic policy in the event of a Hillary Clinton presidency."
And the Obama administration has really been putting its thumb in Putin's eye. Why? I am not completely sure other than regime change in Russia is a neocon goal. What has the US been doing?