Progressive Insurgency

There's a once in a lifetime populist revolt going on. Don't tell anyone

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse has closed to within 5 points of Rep. Richard Neal despite an unprecedented smear campaign by the state Democratic party.
If Morse wins that would make four successful primary challenges to longtime Democratic incumbents.

A long overdue Civil War is coming to the Democratic Party

Before I talk about the Democrats, let me just say that if Trump loses (and it appears that he will), the GOP will descend into a civil war that will make the Democrat's civil war look mild in comparison. Trump's hyper-loyal base has gone off the deep end, immersing itself in konspiracy theories while rejecting logic and fact-based reality. It's not a group that will simply accept their hero losing.

Why it's different this time

Most of the conflict I've had on C99P has been about my support of the new progressive insurgency in the Democratic Party, and those who think I'm being suckered.
Most responses have been something like "We've seen this before in 2008 and 2016."
I finally figured out a way to empirically prove to those doubters why it's different this time, and it should've been obvious to me long ago.

It's the money!