Poll Diving – part 3

Ticket splitting in 2020? In 2016 I suggested that watching the Senate races would be more constructive than monitoring the Presidential polls and that ticket splitting wouldn't feature. Thus, I put FL and NC into the Trump column. NH was too close to call. The WI Senate polls totally tripped me up. And then I made the boneheaded (split-ticket) projection in PA – HRC and Toomey.

It was a barn burner.

Columbia Township, Brooklyn, Michigan.
6:30 pm.
I was one of 3 (three) people at the polling place. Yeah. We're rural but not boonies.
Asked those who were there about attendance and was told it was very low.
Had the absolutely wonderful display by another attendee telling her young children who were with her.......
"We always vote republican."
Democracy at it's finest.

The Short Blade of Impeachment: Most Americans Skipped Hearings

Sequestered Arms for Ukraine bombs on the Boobtube

The Watergate hearings captured a huge TV audience — 80 percent of Americans tuned in, by some estimates. Like the Moon Landings, Watergate shaped the attitudes of Americans, young and old, for the rest of their lives. Not likely this time.