Neocons and Israel plans

simplicius ties the Iraq war to the fall of the USSR and the PNAC neocons

Brilliant essay from someone who sees the big picture and I mean the big picture for why we set the Middle East on fire. It was just the start of the plan to conquer and control the world.

Making sense of the reason behind the Iraq war and other wars in the Middle East.

Many people are aware of the various disparate geopolitical events of the 1990s and their respective imports—from the dissolution of the USSR, to the rise of the American Neocon movement to center stage, which precipitated the imperialist military actions of the end of the 20th to the 21st centuries. But few recognize the essential teleological link binding these events with a direct causality.

When the USSR was brought to a controlled demolition in 1991, it set off a chain reaction that would change world history, and the global geopolitical landscape forever. But to understand these changes we must first start with an understanding of what the USSR represented specifically in terms of the global security framework.