simplicius ties the Iraq war to the fall of the USSR and the PNAC neocons

Brilliant essay from someone who sees the big picture and I mean the big picture for why we set the Middle East on fire. It was just the start of the plan to conquer and control the world.

Making sense of the reason behind the Iraq war and other wars in the Middle East.

Many people are aware of the various disparate geopolitical events of the 1990s and their respective imports—from the dissolution of the USSR, to the rise of the American Neocon movement to center stage, which precipitated the imperialist military actions of the end of the 20th to the 21st centuries. But few recognize the essential teleological link binding these events with a direct causality.

When the USSR was brought to a controlled demolition in 1991, it set off a chain reaction that would change world history, and the global geopolitical landscape forever. But to understand these changes we must first start with an understanding of what the USSR represented specifically in terms of the global security framework.

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The chief characteristic of this group of ‘Straussians’ was the tight cohesiveness, some of them having inter-married (Nuland and PNAC co-founder Kagan, just as Irving Kristol and Himmelfarb had years earlier), and formed a sort of close knit generational family unit within the government in positions not limited by terms, which has allowed them to stay in power behind the scenes for decades. These people include Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle, Robert Kagan, his wife Victoria Nuland, Paul Wolfowitz, the aforementioned William Kristol, etc. This is the best article on a good, succinct summary of their history.

Using Brzezinsky’s Grand Chessboard as a model, this Neocon claque formed think-tanks in the 90s, the most famous and influential of which was PNAC (Project for the New American Century), which in essence reworded the manifest destiny expressed in the ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’ on a grander scale, calling for a surge in American military spending and aggressiveness in order to preserve and ensure American global dominance in the coming twenty-first century.

And since almost every leading figure of this coterie was Jewish, with a vested interest in Israeli supremacy in the Middle East, one can see the double-pointed elegance of the plan. On one hand, it stood to unleash a new wave of American expansion in the Middle East which serves Israel’s interests in clearing out its sworn enemies, and on the other it ensures an American bridgehead into the heart of the ‘Heartland’, to serve as a final wedge that could crack open the Eurasian continent once and for all.

This isn’t conspiracy theory, by the way: Paul Wolfowitz was investigated by the FBI in 1978 for ‘providing intelligence to the Israeli government’ and several of the PNAC founders, Wolfowitz and Richard Perle included, directly worked with Benjamin Netanyahu in writing policy documents for Israel, such as A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, which further pushed for Zionist expansion, aggressively destabilizing Israel’s enemies, and eliminating Saddam Hussein from Iraqi power.

“While there are those who will counsel continuity, Israel has the opportunity to make a clean break; it can forge a peace process and strategy based on an entirely new intellectual foundation, one that restores strategic initiative and provides the nation the room to engage every possible energy on rebuilding Zionism, the starting point of which must be economic reform.”

In many ways, the USSR had foiled Israeli zionist expansion for a long time. During the 60s and 70s, the USSR was the chief supporter of the Arab world during their many conflicts with Israel. From the Six Day War in 1967, to the subsequent War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Lebanon War of 1982, the USSR each time fought against Israel. Sometimes even directly, like in Operation Rimon 20 during the War of Attrition, where Soviet pilots engaged the Israeli airforce on the side of Egypt; and during the Lebanon War of 1982, where USSR sent over 2,000 air defense troops to help Syria repel Israeli aggression. Thus the dissolution of the USSR left Israel a lot to gain in its immediate vicinity, as there was no longer a ‘big brother’ to protect their Arab enemies.

But despite some early ‘successes’, history will remember the main arc of their plan as an unmitigated failure. They conquered Iraq and Afghanistan, only to now be ignominiously booted from one, and in the process of eviction from the other. Their Syrian adventure failed, when a resurgent Russia came to the aid of its longtime ally, forcing the US into a humiliating and resentful ‘consolation prize’ of squatting on some oil fields in the barren wastes of Deir Ezzor province.

In the interim though, the US deepstate saw fit to first destabilize Russia on a variety of fronts, to make certain that the coming age of imperialist onslaught could not be in any way interfered with by a suddenly resurgent Russian power. This resulted in the ignition of conflagrations like the Chechen conflict and even the Yugoslavia crisis, which aimed to fracture and weaken Russia’s key ally of Serbia in the Balkans. This was followed by the later Georgian War, right at the tail of the Chechen conflict (the ‘insurgency phase’ of which officially lasted until 2009) along the same line of thought; the Western elites needed to constantly keep Russia weakened and off-balance from interfering the way the USSR would have.

And what was meant to be the crowning achievement of the entire grand scheme, the key linchpin which would have secured the golden yellow brick road of the elite think-tankers straight into the open chest cavity of the ‘Heartland’ itself—namely, Iran—has resulted in what? Iran is now more powerful, more influential than ever, unquestionably ascendant. Particularly in light of the most recent developments of Iran-Saudi rapprochement that have seen an unprecedented invitation extended for Iranian president Raisi to visit Riyadh.

But in many ways these are the angsty death throes of a vengeful foe, thrashing about, unable to come to terms with its defeat. With the coming era of rapprochements between the various Middle Powers of the region, we will likely see ever tightening cooperation and a focus on economic stability, particularly led by China’s various OBOR/Silk Road initiatives.

The End Of History…To A New Beginning

There is a sense that, after two decades of America’s violent attempts at gatecrashing the Heartland’s vulnerable rear entrance, the region’s power players have begun to tire of the endless conflict, and, in a time of a global economic downturn, realize that only cooperation, compromise, and reconciliation with each other will give them any chance of seeing true prosperity ever again.

I jumped halfway through the essay to what I have so I recommend reading what important history I’ve left out.

Pelosi couldn’t have brought impeachment to Bush if she wanted to because he was just a figure head for the neocons which he and Cheney were part of. Impeachment would have derailed the neocons plans that were decided on long ago.

Don’t miss this essay!

Vladimir Putin Declares War on the Straussians aka Neocons

This article follows: (working links in essay)

1. “ Russia wants to force the United States to respect the United Nations Charter ”, January 4, 2022.
2. “ Washington pursues RAND plan in Kazakhstan, then Transnistria ,” January 11, 2022.
3. “ Washington refuses to listen to Russia and China ”, January 18, 2022.
4. “ Washington and London, Deafened ,” February 1, 2022.
5. “ Washington and London try to preserve their dominance over Europe ”, February 8, 2022.
6. “ Two interpretations of the Ukrainian affair ”, February 15, 2022.
7. ” Washington sounds the hallali, while its allies withdraw “, February 22, 2022./

At dawn on February 24, Russian forces entered Ukraine en masse. According to President Vladimir Putin, who was speaking on television at the time, this special operation was the beginning of his country’s response to “those who aspire to world domination” and who are advancing NATO’s infrastructure at the gates. from his country.

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Since the Biden Proxy Presidency took power, it's finally become quite obvious that most people living through these times are not seeing a big enough picture to really understand what is going on. Politics, Parties, Presidents, and Populations are now also mere proxies that are being moved and positioned on a world-sized playing board. And this has been going on for a very long time.

I think Americans are especially flummoxed by the scale of the 'big picture' — and not just because they are an isolated population living on the far side of the planet, hidden behind vast oceans that protect them from the counter-attacks and invasions they must sense they richly deserve. One reason the big picture is blocked from their view is that Americans have hardly any shared history of their own to guide them. They are not the continuum of an enduring civilization and they share no indigenous qualities with one another or with the rest of the world. Their time of collaboration, cooperation, community, and consent as a people has been too stunted and contentious to mean anything. The US is more of a proxy civilization than a real one. That's why the US actors feel free to break the treaties and agreements they didn't make themselves. US national principles are situational and fleeting, and are likely to blow away with any strong wind. The population has enshrined a god who is firmly on the side of the United States in any given war, a god who willingly endorses the US dollar, but has left his followers without a moral compass.

In recent years I learned that the physical world appears very different to established civilizations that have long connections to places and things that are deeply embedded in the ancient world. These civilizations have already left their marks on earlier ages and eras, and have crossed oceans of time together, taking care of one another. I have scrambled to understand the steady endurance and commitment of evolving civilizations like the Chinese and the Russians. At the same time I was astonished as the modern leaders in the West succumbed to anxiety, paranoia, belligerence, and wild lies, all apparently triggered by the very existence of these older civilizations. The bigger picture ultimately reveals the psychotic greed and distorted values of the West's inbred power elite. When it comes to leaders, Democracy is no substitute for recognized wisdom and good judgement. I've gained proportional insights I never dreamed I would have. I know others have, as well.

Simplicius The Thinker, who Snoopydawg introduced earlier, offers abundant and welcome resonance to the new plateau of revelations that many of us are now experiencing. Thanks for posting all these links, Dawg. They cut deeply through the noise and censorship — the panicked braying of our dying Empire.

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The political system is what it is because the People are who they are. — Plato
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@Pluto's Republic

The premise behind the war against Russia rested on the assumption that they're just a gas station with nukes. Obama called Russia a regional power. If we armed Ukraine and used them to attack Russia, so what? The Russians lack the industrial base to be a superpower anymore. They are too poor to win a great power conflict. NATO assumes it has total conventional dominance and that the Russian government will collapse in the face of a lost conventional war. NATO has decided the Russian government would prefer collapse to nuclear war.

Putin has said that this war is an 'existential threat' to Russia. He has said “Why do we need a world, if Russia is not in it?” A little ambiguous, but not so ambiguous that a Journalism Major couldn't catch it. If they can comprehend a threat by John Gotti, they should be able to comprehend a threat of very 'unenvironmental' ( nuclear war. Right there, reality conflicts with the Western narrative, so the official censors at Google, Facebook, The New York Times, and The Washington Post play it down. Media reports as if NATO and maniac Western politicians in general weren't trying to turn Cuban Missile Crisis fan fiction into a real life inferno. Militarism in Ukraine is celebrated as if it was another regional war: not a proxy war against a nation with the most nuclear weapons in the world ( oh, ,you thought that was the USA? That's okay, Gary Kasparov makes the point that we get fatigued rebutting a government's obscene lies (…

)... and that this is the point of obvious, obscene lies: to exhaust our critical thinking faculties. Smokescreen is part of that. The diarrhea stream of lies ablates even the most disciplined and sanitary of information handling processes. This is why life is better understood by statistics that haven't been manipulated yet to reinforce the mainstream narrative.

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Which AIPAC/MIC/pharma/bank bought politician are you going to vote for? Don’t be surprised when nothing changes.

Voting is like driving with a toy steering wheel.

@snoopydawg I was just reading that for the first time since WW2 Americas IQ has decreased. USA, USA!

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The Usual Suspects Pt 5: Paul Wolfowitz, High Priest of Neocon

What he calls Straussians, I called The Usual Suspects in my series.

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