Theme and Variations on a theme by Hillary, section 1, part A

I came across this vintage article, but like classical music never seems to lose its allure. Just as a great Bach fugue withstands re-hearing many times, we are able to re-enjoy some sweet tastes of the recent past.

Theme: I shudda won--You Americans are stupid!

Variation 1: The Russians hacked me to death.

Part A: It's because of them that I had no platform.

My Own Mail Dump Thread

My own little corner of email snoops & dumps. Feel free to add your own in the comments! All emphasis, and some notes w/in quotes are mine.

Remember, email chains need to be read from bottom to top.

Interesting: She supposedly hadn't decided to run and they hadn't been "hired" but they decide to start framing what our buddies in the press hear - and only from them. Let's have a "private" dinner!

Re: Thought after reading thrush