Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders shows why we need Medicare For All, seen in a single instance

There are statistics and there is life, which occurs to individuals. What is the impact of huge numbers on popular understanding? Does anyone comprehend what a billion dollars is? Well, it's 1000 million.

But who can grasp what 1000 million is when most people will never know what it feels like to have 1 million dollars? The scope is huge.

Executive order on improving price and quality transparency in healthcare

Today, President Trump did something long overdue to aid users of healthcare and their families. This executive order (EO), still does not provide for more people to become insured, without further marketplace changes, which are not encompassed in this EO. And the EO will not accomplish everything needing to be rectified by our vastly flawed health care system.

Only Tulsi will get Medicare for all to pass

But it won't be this year. Tulsi is playing the long game. She is building name recognition and with that name recognition, she will be publicizing her political stances. Tulsi does agree that Trump is not ideal, but those opinions are relegated to a minor point during her campaign appearances. She is forward-looking, issue-oriented. You will not hear Tulsi mentioning Trump 76 times in one speech like Creepy, corrupt Joe Biden did last week in Iowa.