Medicare for All

Ten things you can do instead of obsessing over who's going to be President next year

After some conversations I've had with the Biden faithful, I've concluded this: there are two crises. There's a national crisis right now, to be sure, with high unemployment, a lot of eviction, and COVID-19 running rampant throughout America. But then there's also a crisis in the brains of the President-obsessives.

The best of what's reactionary: the Sanders platform

In a recent discussion online, I suggested that the best we could do in this time of decline was to invoke various species of reactionary nostalgia for the past. Right now our Presidential choices involve some guy who imagines America out of some nostalgia for the 1950s being challenged by some guy who is running on nostalgia for 2016. The guy who is running on nostalgia for 2016 is co-opting the followers of a guy who ran on nostalgia for FDR.

Joe Biden in Fantasy and Reality

Let's start with the WSWS:

Bernie Sanders threatens delegates with removal if they criticize Biden

Senator Bernie Sanders’ political team has asked some of his delegates to sign an agreement preventing them from criticizing Democratic Party leaders on social media, including the presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden, or talking to reporters without approval.

Takeaways from the Our Revolution LA meeting

Okay "Our Revolution LA" held a Zoom meeting this evening at 530pm PT to discuss why they're quitting the Democrats and joining a campaign to create the People's Party.

Much of the meeting had to do with the incredibly pitiful results Our Revolution and Bernie Sanders have gotten when compared with the strength of Bernie rallies, and the extraordinary efforts made by the DNC at co-opting Bernie's movement while denying all of its aims.

Millions lose their beloved private health insurance

I've been told repeatedly, over and over again, whenever a single-payer system was discussed, that the worst possible thing is for people to lose their beloved private health insurance. It's an almost unimaginable crime.
That is exactly what is happening right now, but for some mystifying reason the media isn't outraged.

Bernie Sanders shows why we need Medicare For All, seen in a single instance

There are statistics and there is life, which occurs to individuals. What is the impact of huge numbers on popular understanding? Does anyone comprehend what a billion dollars is? Well, it's 1000 million.

But who can grasp what 1000 million is when most people will never know what it feels like to have 1 million dollars? The scope is huge.

Executive order on improving price and quality transparency in healthcare

Today, President Trump did something long overdue to aid users of healthcare and their families. This executive order (EO), still does not provide for more people to become insured, without further marketplace changes, which are not encompassed in this EO. And the EO will not accomplish everything needing to be rectified by our vastly flawed health care system.