Medicare for All keeps getting more popular

It's too bad that we don't have a democracy, because then we'd have Medicare for All.


Support for Medicare for All has remained consistently strong over the past two years, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

Sixty-nine percent of registered voters in the April 19-20 survey support providing medicare to every American, just down 1 percentage point from a Oct. 19-20, 2018 poll, and within the poll's margin of error.

Popularity for Medicare for All grew slightly among Democratic voters, with a 2 percentage point increase from 2018.

Voter support for Medicare for All soared to 88 percent for registered Democrats.
Imagine for a moment that the Democrats were a real political party.


While Julian Brave Noisecat of the progressive think tank Data for Progress said his group's general belief is " that the quote unquote establishment is going to tell the left to f--k off on Medicare for All," other Democrats aligned with the Sanders wing of the party believe there is still opportunity to move Biden and others in leadership.

No real political party would tell 88 percent of its voters to eff off.
You can't do that and win elections.
That's why the Dems aren't a real political party.

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would tell 88 percent of its voters to eff off." Sure dems would, they've been doing it for years. Then it'll dawn on them they're going to lose and they'll turn around and tell you they have some "modified" m4a that isn't anything like it at all. Then they'll have to explain that they're really not a bunch of pandering phonies. It's the political quarterback sneak they always run.

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politics = many blood sucking arachnids

Big Pharma, Insurance, and the AMA are the levers of power, not voters.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Just think of how popular Medicare For All will be when those tens of thousands suffering from covid-19 get their medical bills.

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@Bob In Portland

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