Update on Me

I had a scheduled surgery on my lower back on December 7. Everything went well and I was home but resting mostly because it was a major surgery. Then abruptly problems. I had a 2nd surgery on the 20th. That went well. Everything looked great. I went home. And was back in the hospital the next day. Surgeon did a bedside procedure in my hospital room. And I stayed there, flat through Christmas, 5 days.

GOP Bill Will Cut Medicare and Social Security

Updated: So we knew the $$$ Trillion+ in Tax Giveaways to the rich had to be paid for 'somehow'. Now Repubs tell us how they plan to do it. Most smart people knew this was coming anyway, but now the first cannon balls have been fired against the ramparts, so this is no longer just a bad dream.

A Few Republicans Crawfishing on Medicare Cuts #TaxScam

20171125_082134-3096x1742.jpgQuite a few of my family members, including my wife jb and I, depend on Medicare for at least part or all of our healthcare. Staying awake at night concerned about where this all is headed.

A few Republicans are backtracking on Medicare cuts. Or at least the dirtbags are saying so.