Markos Moulitsas

Does Markos Moulitsas have the most punchable face?

In the rare instances that Markos can still make it into the news, it's always for saying something that you want to pound your fist into his face for.
When the Progressive Caucus showed utter cowardice over the Ukraine issue the other week, it was Markos leading the charge to silence anyone on the Left (as usual).

Vox on single payer: Kos triple-talk as usual


who used to play on a Certain Other Blog have grown accustomed to reading reams of what I now refer to as "Moulitsian Triple-Speak": lip service to progressive ideals used as a light coating over a heavy core of true loyalty to the Koch brothers and the billionaire class.

Please permit your humble scribe to submit the following article for your consideration. It appeared on the website, of which Markos Moulitsas is a founder. As I noted in this Comment, it may as well have been written by Markos himself.

The article: Medicare for all: company health insurance at risk under single payer

Be happy for coal miners losing their health insurance. - Kos

I haven't read this book, but the image is too perfect...

I know, I know, who gives a shit what happens at TOP, but sometimes, just sometimes, things happen over there like Dallasdoc's wonderful diary, and I love to read the comments to see what is on people's minds... for better or worse.

A Way for Hillary Clinton to Heal the Wounds Dividing the Democratic Party (Sarcasm)

If Hillary Clinton is a true liberal, as Markos Moulitsas has so definitively asserted, then it creates a framework for healing the wounds that have divided the Democratic Party.

At the same time, it stands to reason that Hillary Clinton’s refusal to acknowledge the growing rift between party members creates an almost insurmountable obstacle. As is common in all sick families, a problem that isn’t acknowledged can’t be cured. And there are many grievances to be healed.