Kamala Harris

The Obama Effect and why neoliberal Democrats are struggling

After Hillary Clinton unexpectedly struggled in the 2016 election with the black vote and the women's vote, Hillary's megadonors met with potential presidential nominee Kamala Harris during a trip to the Hamptons in 2017. Obviously the idea was to double-down on Identity Politics.
Two weeks after Harris announced her candidacy, she sent out this email.

Letter to Kamala for protection of immigrants and my expression of gratitude

The above-named Senator and Hampton beauty queen pageant contestant, Kamala Harris sent me an email urging support for immigrants. Noble that she supports the oppressed.

I couldn't resist the desire to reciprocate for her desire to relieve burdens of immigrants (which actually is a good cause) which is so at odds with her neoliberal right of center politics. I sent her the following comment:

Kamala: Where have I seen this movie before?

You would think that way that the Democratic establishment has viciously smeared the progressive left when they've dared to question Kamala Harris' bona fides, that she would be a shoo-in to win in 2020.
Guess what? There's already been a match-up poll, and Harris didn't impress.

If you don't endorse Kamala Harris you are racist and sexist

In case there was any confusion, the rules of Democratic Party politics have not changed.
Identity Politics trumps economic justice, and those progressives that complain are smeared in the exact same way the Dems will try to smear Republicans (and fail).

Kamala Harris: the Camel hoping to please

A week ago, I wrote an essay Kamala Harris: a dangerous Democrat. On the Cusp schooled me with the comment "what Democrat isn't dangerous?" Being at a loss for words, I decided to show why K. the Camel Harris particularly dangerous. To OtC et. al., this does not mean that most Democrats are not dangerous.

Sell-out Sen. Kamala Harris (d-CA) tries to get other Dems to join her openly selling out

Sell-out Sen. Kamala Harris, while attorney general of CA, ordered subordinates who had already uncovered 1000 illegal transactions by Steven Mnuchin's Bank One of California, to drop the whole thing; the attorneys under her control, were already working on another 1000 cases, not quite ready for prosecution when the order was given. Of course, Mr. Mnuchin is now a Trumpocrat, Secretary of the Treasury.