In Capitalist 'Murica, We Are Defined by Our Jobs

So this morning I had to go see the psychologist in order to see the psychiatrist because I haven't been able to refill my meds. And so for the last month I've been irritable and have had to deal with symptoms of Vertigo (Dizziness and ringing in the ears). This happens any time I go off my meds cold turkey because of the way scripts work when you aren't insured.

Trump's Mexican wall will not be brick and mortar

It won't be concertina wire stream form the Gulf of Mexico to San Diego. It won't be a big trench, although that could possibly serve as dumping grounds for toxic waste and oil spills. (Now don't go lecturing me about the Rio Grande and the millions of people who depend upon its waters). It won't be electrified chicken wire fences.

Bill Blasts Bernie Backers As Unrealistic, Offers Tone-Deaf Fairy Tale Answer for Inequality

Bill just doesn’t get it. No one in the Clinton camp seems to understand why so many young people are flocking to Bernie Sanders or how to connect with them in a way that would unify the party in November should Hillary win the nomination. Most of their explanations so far have pegged these supporters as hopelessly naive, unrealistic and idealistic.

The blind spot of today's GOP

Ebola was a horrible emergency, so the GOP response was to ban travel, arrest and hold travelers to this country, and to harass and embarrass medical workers who did their best to stop the pandemic.

With a few exceptions, the Democratic response, led by President Obama, was to work with other countries, apply the best science and medicine, and eventually stop the spread of this killer disease.