What the college protests aren't

Rarely in history have we seen the MSM go to such extreme levels to lie and smear a social movement as we have concerning the current antiwar protests on colleges. I want to set the record straight (so far).

1.) The protests have been violent.

there is no evidence of pro-Palestine student protesters being engaged in violent protests of any kind.

MEE visited six university encampments in four states and found that students at each of the sites were focused on education through teach-ins, prayer and building community, and engaged in artistic forms of resistance.
But there is no evidence to suggest that any student or faculty were threatened or harmed in the occupation of the halls.
After the first encampment at Columbia was dismantled and several protesters were arrested, the New York Police Department released a statement in which it noted that the protesters were peaceful and hadn't resisted arrest.
When the police stormed Hamilton Hall - now popularly known as Hind's Hall - on Tuesday evening, police admitted that there wasn't substantial resistance.

According to a tracker, 99 percent of student protests for Palestine since October have been peaceful, substantiating anecdotal accounts that students have been disciplined and incidents of violence have been rare to none.

Nearly 50 universities have called the authorities to intervene, and students and faculty have been beaten, tear gassed, and shot at with rubber bullets by police.
When Columbia escalated its police response, the Columbia Daily Spectator, the student newspaper, reported that “officers threw a protester down the stairs ... and slammed protesters with barricades.” A police officer also fired a gun in a campus building, and others threatened to arrest student journalists.
The repression of student journalists has been especially notable.

Student journalists covering protests over the Israel-Hamas war at college campuses across the country have been impeded, threatened, arrested and assaulted.
The Pulitzer Prize Board, which is housed at Columbia University, praised the work of student journalists in a statement this week, recognized student journalists' tireless work "in the face of great personal and academic risk."
At the University of California, Los Angeles, four student reporters were followed and assaulted with an irritant Wednesday while reporting on violence between pro-Palestinian protesters and counterprotesters.

Even the police said protesters were peaceful. They didn’t get in the way of students going about their daily activities, including attending classes.
As for the 1% exception, that can be attributed to pro-Isreal counter-protests, UCLA in particular.

Pro-Israel counter-protesters attacked students in the pro-Palestinian encampment at a US university for several hours, including beating them with sticks, spraying them in the face with chemicals, and launching fireworks as weapons, a New York Times investigation published on 4 May showed. ..
According to The Times’ review of video footage taken by protesters and journalists, the attack began when a group of counter-protesters started tearing away metal barriers that had been in place to cordon off pro-Palestinian protestors.

Security personnel hired by the university are seen in yellow vests, standing by and watching throughout the attack without intervening.
Attacks on the encampment continued for nearly three hours before police arrived.
The videos show many of the counter-protesters were wearing pro-Israel slogans on their clothing and blaring loud music, including Israel’s national anthem and “Harbu Darbu,” a popular Israeli song that calls for the annihilation of Palestinians in Gaza and the killing of western celebrities Bella Hadid, Mia Khalifa, and Dua Lipa, all of whom have expressed solidarity with Gaza.

Many of the antiwar protesters are themselves Jewish, and eyewitness reports suggested that many in the mob were not students and not representative of the Jewish community.
As for the claims that these protestors support Hamas, I'm still waiting for a photo of a Hamas flag at these protests.

2.) Jewish students have been harassed and intimidated.

MEE has spoken at length to Jewish students at Tufts, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Occidental College, and Columbia University.

The Jewish students who spoke to MEE at these campuses said that claims of antisemitism were being used as a crutch to silence criticism of Israel and to discredit the student movement.

"As a Jewish person, this issue is particularly important to me, as I have seen the ways in which Jewish grief has been weaponised and Jewish safety has been co-opted to excuse this murder," Violet Barron, a student at Harvard University, told MEE previously in a video interview.
MEE observed at Princeton and Columbia that it was pro-Israel students with Israeli flags who approached students supporting Palestine and taunted them in an attempt to provoke them.

At Northeastern University, a student called on students to chant "Kill the Jews". It was revealed that the person who did so was a pro-Israel agitator. The students refused to chant after him and asked the agitator to leave. He faced no threats.
In one documented case of violence at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where 90 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested, Annelise Orlick, a Jewish professor, was thrown to the ground - but by the police.
“Those cops were brutal to me,” Orleck, the former chair of Dartmouth College’s Jewish studies department, said.

“I promise I did absolutely nothing wrong. I was standing with a line of women faculty in their 60s to 80s trying to protect our students. I have now been banned from the campus where I have taught for 34 years.”
Orleck said the cops “tried to hurt me. They did hurt me. And they seemed to enjoy it”

Since the protests are in encampments, unless those encampments surround parts of campus, which they don't, it's ridiculous to claim that these camps are preventing students from accessing their classes.
When the media has gone out of its way to smear the antiwar protests, even modest journalistic investigation revealed the scam.

As evidence of this lack of safety, Bash pointed to UCLA student Eli Tsives, who posted a video of himself confronting motionless antiwar protesters physically standing in his way on campus. “This is our school, and they’re not letting me walk in,” he claims in the clip. Bash ominously described this as “hearkening back to the 1930s in Europe.”
But while Tsives’ clip suggests protesters are keeping him off UCLA campus, they’re in fact blocking him from their encampment—where many Jewish students were present. (Jewish Voice for Peace is one of its lead groups.)

So it’s clearly not Tsives’ Jewishness that the protesters object to. But Tsives was not just any Jewish student; a UCLA drama student and former intern at the pro-Israel group Stand With Us, he had been a visible face of the counter-protests, repeatedly posting videos of himself confronting peaceful antiwar protesters. He has shown up to the encampment wearing a holster of pepper spray.

When you look back, antiwar student protests have ALWAYS been on the right side of history. Vietnam, anti-apartheid South Africa, Iraq War, the kids have always been on the right side, and they are now.

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Who owns the MSM?
Thanks for the reveal.
Now take cover.

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Neither Russia nor China is our enemy.
Neither Iran nor Venezuela are threatening America.
Cuba is a dead horse, stop beating it.

When speaking the "honest to goodness truth" one could find oneself censured.


Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) on Tuesday filed a resolution to censure Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) after the Minnesota Democrat suggested that some Jewish students are “pro-genocide.

Bacon said he does not plan to make his resolution privileged, which means the House will not immediately vote on the measure. He said he will work with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and GOP leadership on timing.

But the mere introduction of the legislation marks a sharp rebuke of Omar, who has found herself in hot water with Republicans in the past.

“It’s unacceptable to say, calling Jewish Americans that are Americans, calling them pro-genocide,” Bacon told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s just unacceptable. So I want to take a bold stand.”

It is not only Republicans.

Omar’s comments were met with widespread condemnation. House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said Omar was “encouraging violence against Jewish students” when “embracing pro-terrorists extremists,” House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar (Calif.) said “it’s not the language I would use” when asked about her comments, and the head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said the remarks were “abhorrent.”

“It is abhorrent that a sitting member of Congress would slander an entire group of young people in such a cold, calculated manner. This is how people get killed,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote on X.

The comments came amid explosive pro-Palestine protests on Columbia’s Manhattan campus and at other universities nationwide, which have pitted Republicans against Democrats — and centrist Democrats against progressives.

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for us mindless masses in a way logic does not hold sway.
Pitting the dems and reps against each other (as if there is
any difference) on an issue brought about by the very same
dems and reps is almost comic. Now they get to try to out-do
each other on more restrictive legislation (election ear tricks).

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Antiwar student protestors have always been on the right side of history. And they are so now. This is so true!

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These days, only the rich get given more. -- Martial book 5:81, c. AD 100 or so
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