I need some help here. Immigrants.

So, Trumph is considering an EO to eliminate "anchor babies". There are Constitutional questions about this.

BHO implemented DACA by EO.

Was he just doing so based on overriding legislation passed by Congress or was he overriding Constitutional dictates?

Believe it or not, our MSM is choosing not to address this question. At least none that I can find.

And now a word from the people that brought you the TSA

I'm going to try to limit my outrage to two episodes per day--but I'm sadly failing. Maybe, I'll just have to take some of that stuff Hillary uses on her private jet. This article is a tribute to the same organization that brought us 3 hour waits for "security screenings", enough time for those well-vetted baggage-handlers to throughly pilfer your belongings.

Even the good, sympathetic stuff --

is marked by the wrong presuppositions.

Take for instance Steven W. Thrasher's piece in the Guardian, "If Hillary Clinton loses in November, it won't be Bernie Sanders' fault." Both the piece and its author are sympathetic, or at least it can be said that I am convinced that Thrasher is one of the good guys. However...