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Coronavirus sparks surge in homelessness from the US to Africa | COVID Update

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been dramatic in the US. For many, it's been a downward spiral from a secure job to eviction from their homes. Some wind up in tent cities, on the street or in cheap hotels.
03:08 South Africans who have been left homeless by the coronavirus pandemic have resorted to building shacks in new informal settlements. The surge in new squatter camps with names like Sanitizer and Covid Village has drawn a tough response from the local government, which has responded with evictions. But the dwellers say they have nowhere else to go, after losing their jobs and their homes because they could not pay rent.

Being evicted out of a makeshift hut or a makeshift tent ... it is still your 'home' you are evicted from.

I wonder who is evicting the people from planet earth ? Will more of us die from our own fights over the land we try to survive on? Or would more of us just die unevicted but still die from the virus?
@janis b:
Condolences to all who lost loved ones. Being without words and silent hugs is all I got. LOve to You specifically today.

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