Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald Accused of Cybercrimes by Prosecutors in Brazil

Glenn Greenwald is now officially Next.

Greenwald has been accused of hacking the phone calls of Brazil's Justice Minister Sergio Moro when he was the judge overseeing the corruption case that ultimately cost former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva his freedom.

The Seething And Contempt In Greenwald's Eyes About the "Joke and a Fairy Tale" of Russiagate Is A Watershed Moment. "The Games Is Over."

Just like the Muslim freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's courageous stand against the fascist duopoly's attempt to crush her for daring to not back down from calling AIPAC a foreign lobby was a watershed moment in confronting the uncritical support of a RW Israeli government, Greenwald's blistering takedown of fellow journalist David Cay Johnston, and by extension the entire American MSM, is another watershed moment in the growing divide between media corporatists (Neoliberals & Neocons),

Poor Michael Moore Seems To Have Made A Compelling and Indicting Film About the Decay of the Democratic Party and American Myths. But Ultimately Stumps For More Dems.

(Had this in the holding pen for the past few weeks. Seeing that there's been no mention of it here it is)

Reasons For Hope: Bernie's Town Hall, Jill Stein's Upcoming Live Discussion with Glenn Greenwald and Abby Martin, and Matt Taibbi's Surgical Takedowns of Propaganda, Lies and Distraction

As the snow now steadily falls in NYC for perhaps the last winter storm of the season (always fine by me, the storms that is), I find myself ruminating a little on the flickers of hope within the darkness of despair of this bizarre time of media and government propaganda.