An interesting example of Google Bombing

As many know, 15-20 September 1986 was the week that a bunch of delegates convened in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, to kick off the Uruguay Round negotiation leading up to the creation of the WTO. This meeting concluded in a document called The Punta Del Este Declaration (which was actually the second Punte Del Este Declaration, I now know) on 20 September 1986.

Incredible number of fake degrees, world of SLAVERY being created- yes slavery, whistleblower tells all.

This is what happens when your planets government is run by the rich fraudsters. They are all the same. This guy is one of the good guys, the You Tuber whose channel it is, doesn't understand what he's being told.

I think many of the assumptions we seem to still be making here are wrong.

For example, I can show easily how the purported goals of the so called progressives are going to run into the purported goals of neoliberal so called Democrats which frame things like services provided by anybody besides corporations for anything besides strictly for profit as trade barriers and possibly illegal unless they are so completely frr and nonprofit, with no mony involved at all, not for profit that as far as I can tell such a thing doesnt even exist today in the US.

New York Times Covering Up Fact that Dems are NOT trying to lower Drug Prices.

Both the title and content of this article gives the mistaken impression that Dems (actually neither party is) on the side of consumers on drug pricing. which are framed as "intellectual property" a legal fiction made up by us, to stealing science from the world. Science is everybody's birthright. This has come at a huge cost in millions, countless numbers of human lives.