I think many of the assumptions we seem to still be making here are wrong.

For example, I can show easily how the purported goals of the so called progressives are going to run into the purported goals of neoliberal so called Democrats which frame things like services provided by anybody besides corporations for anything besides strictly for profit as trade barriers and possibly illegal unless they are so completely frr and nonprofit, with no mony involved at all, not for profit that as far as I can tell such a thing doesnt even exist today in the US. And the way thing are being forced to go such a thing wont ever exist in the future. Now will any energy be allowed to be expended by our government to help people unless they are literally completely destitute. Thats the way the rules work. If they have any money they must spend it first. The thing people want cant occur. The rules we created blocks them out.

Imagine you suddenly found yourself living under the Taliban. Its like that. Certain things, are just off the table and everybody knows it. Do them and you will lose your head. Literally.
They are not negotiable.

This is a hidden layer of law thats hidden from almost everybody, like the circles within circled discussed in the video on the Anglophile cult (thats one of many names) that runs us.

This inflexibility is totally incompatible with Democracy of any kind.; In fact it has utter contempt for "majoritarianism" as it calls it. It lies like people breathe. Mening all the time. It couldn't tell the truth without the whole big lie undergoing rapid loss of its reality distortion field. .

What about Canadian healthcare? It is a special case and even it is in great danger because of the hidden ratchet. Slowly tightening around its neck. But still I would rather be in Canada than in the UK which along with the US is one of the worst countries.

It has several things going in its favor.

1. It was created in other words was pre-existing long before the WTO was so was "grandfathered" in. (This works a lot like building codes) in essentially its current form in 1995, when the WTO was created. This matters a lot. IF they keep it exactly the same, i.e. no movement, especially no expansion, some hooks that would be used to bring them before the WTO dont exist.
2. Providing human health insurance, unless you are the government is illegal is Canada..Important note: It cant be sold, it has to be given free to everybody equally and have been such way since before the WTO anything. Free because then its equal, if there were anythings that allowed them to create tiers, like charges of any kind then they may have to let them all in and then its over.
So the rich and poor have to get the exact same healthcare. No tiers whatsoever. This is lso the most efficient and economical way to do it BY FAR. which is why they will never allow this in te US. Note that none of the politicians plans do this because they all make it a polnt to keep at least one of these gotchas and not leave the WTO first. Which would triugger demand for compensation, for the expected lost profits and jobs.. The GATS gives foreign entities al sorts of entitlements, fior example to jobs (if they work cheaper) and quite possibly (in TISA) Patients. But there are lot of scary gotchas when healthcare is involved because all rights people have now will likely be forbidden and the relationship becomes ione strictly and completely one of the profits between the varuious companies. Or so I have read. And since commercial arrangements do have tiers, this will likely be where the tiering becomes the most extreme. Poor people will get what they pay for which will be as littloe as possible. Especially in any thing that can remotely be framed as am emergency. ,Emergencies are neoliberalisms biggest wet dream. Thats whan people elected them to do their thing, nomtter how vicious it is we asked for it.

Its most important that people dont get anything that distort trade, meaning that reduces the quality difference people must pay the money for. That would be stealing profits from corporations, if it was too good and still cheap. No, verything must be no moe burdensome than NECESSARY..

what does that mean? look it up. Read the discussion of necessary and necessity testing in the leaked papers that are published on ratical org

This all helps explain why the UK's NHS is likely going to be dismantled soon as the UK becomes no longer protected by the carve out that protects public utilities" in the EU. (due to Brexit which I suspect will be a real eye openers for the naive and misled British public. They have a similar abusive regime as the US. Britons will have to pay for insurance like those in the US. Despite really not wanting it and never haveing in a million years voted for it. They made the mistake of trusting the politicians when they shouoldnt have. Initially, I suspect they will find a way to continue to provide healthcare that resembles the NHS at least superficially to the jobless, but it will be impossible under the WTO GATS, a section of the GATS that the UK literally wrote, for them to keep healthcare for all under Article 1:3 of GATS. it as it is because they sell commercial insurance. So its clear his was their intent. They will start means testing whatever they do. They will figure out some way to blame it on something other than its real cuase. Just like we do here. They know this kind of drill well. The one thing we can be certain of is that healthcare wont be free to people with any kind of decent income. If the WTO allowed it people in other countries would want to be able to do it too. And with a huge reduction of jobs coming in the upcoming decades, governments can see that the need for public services is likely to soar. This is governments led by the UK and US, they created the GATS and they wont reverse course. Nor will the Democrats. But if its exposed they will try very hard to pretend its not their baby. Because its really a horrid thing and if people understood it better they would realize that. But we Americans are tremendously gullible on this. We really want to believe they care a shit about us when the evidence seems to be pretty damning that we've been deceived by a huge scam. for a very long time. As the brits have been too.


We're taking an extreme position thats fully intended to literally privatize everything and force other countries to become like us if they want to trade with us. Virtually everytthing Democrats have campaigned on my entire adult life is barred by GATS. Really. Everything that has any economic component. Also it and TISA trade away jobs, potentially millions of jobs. More than half of thm. Imagine NAFTA for all the rst of the jobs, the nion manufacturing jobs. The desk jobs. Any job that lets people keep any dignity Except politician will likely end up being offshored. Because its so much cheaper. It will be illegal for us to try to stiop it by any means including raising wages. In fact the minimum ages we use today may be ruled illegal if they are higher than other countries. Any kind of restriction on foreign companies that prevents the number of jobs subcontracting out to truly reflects the difference in prices. This wil be great for people who want to have a business that requires people because they will be able to operate on almost nothing. It will make it fall lower and lower as people become more and more hungry for work. Employee will literally be dime a dozen. Any restrictions on business will be limited.

This position is so extreme that Biden is hiding it in every way he can. I bet he would go to great lengths to avoid even saying a single word on it. Yes, its that bad. . And so is everything else we do. and any other agenda or politician wont be able to go forward because our rigid trade platform just wouldn't let it. Suppose any politician told it how it is, I would be surprised if they would be tolerated for long. . Which blocks them (those goals I agree with and for the most part want to see happen but I ask that you all excuse me for pointing out that we have been the victims of a huge fraud, which deceives us all into not recognizing a fraudulent, in fact an extrinsic fraud situation for what it is. We should recognize extrinsic fraud when we see it as everything is backwards and it has a certain stink to it. This is an extrinsic fraud.

Its such because they are going to great lengths to prevent our ever being able to challenge the legitimacy of this theft.

Its a theft thats a lot like adverse possession. Thats where you can steal somthing and then spit in their face and say you own it and if they let you and dont hire all sorts iof lawyers to challenge you in court after a number of years, they own it. That thing thats being stolen is the world. And democracy, and the once-United States.

Extrinsic fraud is a legal term and I urge people research it. (BTW I am not a lawyer )

Let me point out that we're being performed to in an yuuuge acting performance which is there totally to conceal structural changes, deep structural changes which have been made to literally steal the future planet.From we the people. And give it to corporations. Without being TOO obvious about it. A goal which conflicts wit the goal of it being notorious to work legally in stealing it.

Look up adverse possession.

Creating new benefits as are being arguued about is now virtually forbidden because of trade agreements. Trade agreements are contracts where governments agree to be bound by certain rules, very inflexible rules in perpetuity. Remember when Elizabeth Warren brought up the fact the French firm Violia sued the Arab Republic of Egypt in an ISDS case for raising a minimum wage law for some workers. That is the kind of regulation that trade deals prohibit, because they are attempts to place a burden on corporations or expropriate their profits is probably how they would frame it. Similarly when the Slovakian state proposed to resume the mintainance of a national health insurance system after only a few years of for profit commercial insurance they were sued for indirect expropriation by Achmea, a Dutch insurer, for the return of the expected lost profits they were entited to.

Why are we Americans so stupidly failing to recognize the fundamental changes, deep and fundamental changes which have been made. We cant go on pretending that nothing has changed when basically the politicians replaced the Constitution with a new kind of international law where we the people DON'T EXIST.

Initially, Slovakia lost. The cases can all be found at italaw.com. They are a particular kind of case, ISDS where the nations of the world are being sued by corporations for simply doing theirjobs governing. As this recalibaation of power in the world is occuring. The people are being removed from the picture. Something proud Americans would get angy about. Also the politicians dont want us knowing that theyhave lost the power to chnge many things, they want us to think they can stiull do what they traded away the power to do. Basically the economic things.

Other things like gay marriage and abortion remain their domain. the thingsb that dont involve money or business. The excuse they have decided to use to overturn democracy is international trade. And its costing countries, these cases and awards in some cases have cost them billions of dollars.

, (meaning that creating new benefits that apply to US workers - if they also apply to foreign firms and reduce the profits they are now entitled to.. We cant they say penalyze them for being successful when they are winning by paying so little, thats their entitlement because thats what the dealo promises. If they bid the cheapest they have to win because thats being more efficient. They frame the US habit of paying miinimum wages as a trade barrier, and bad, noit good. Because if we did tht most of the countries in the world would be priced out. They frame our laws as trade barriers, discrimination and wrong. Its wrong that we keep other countries firms and workforces out . Even if they took all the jobs in the country away, they would be doing it because they were more efficient. Sure they have millions of people who cannot even afford to send their children to school and cant afford a bathroom or indoor toilet but thats the price for being more efficient. They reject the whole idea of labor standrds going up. Instead they want them all to fall to the lowest common denominator because any higher regulations LIMITS TRADE.. Now I hope you see wher e we are going. Good. Thats it. Plese hold that throught because without it youare never going to get whats being done. Thanks

So now you see that trade deals are a binding contract that gives investors rights that supersede any rights people (whatever they are, as they dont exist in this system, they have no standing) Only corporations (juridicial people) and nation states exist. You have just become a nothing, a nullity and so have all the advances of the 20th century, pretty much.

Why cant our friends the Democrats do anything we need done?

Because they are like changing the rules in the middle of the game which is forbidden.. (unles its eliminating obligations which always LOCKS IN PERMANENTLY. which amount to mew obligations for companies that wish to operate in the US. If more likely than not forbidden. Because they will, I guarantee you, be seen as an intentional obstacle that's being put in their path to deny them the repayment of a debt in jobs that seems to have appeared out of thin air in the 1990s due to a trade agreement (GATS) that traded and trades jobs for concessions in areas like high drug prices, and privatization of once public services we want to sell them, like financial services, like for example, health insurance, and expensive patented medicines. These services once consumed by a foreign country have ratchet clause attached to them which locks in. To remove the obligation makes us responsible for paying damages in proportion to the potential size of the lost expected profits, calculated in a manner which values them by the highest value that might be imagined, even if in practical tems that buren would be impossible to bear. This seems to be a way for the already quite rich to get a fake insanely optimistic overestimate that puffs up the value of an investment. For example, we might be required to pay them the value of the entire health insurance sector based on the rules in place as of 1998 (when insurance companies could reject any high risk patients.. those rules are officially frozen in place, the ACA violates that rule, so that must be the reason or one of several reasons we are now it seems returning to the use of pre-existing conditions to exclude people who want health insurance Instead of the truth we've ben given a huge disinformation campaign which even involved fake Presidential campaigns in order to hide this giveaway by our then leaders.

And I know it to be a fact that they know it, That they have knowledge of having committed this crime and are hiding it. Its as plain as the nose on their face. that the things they profess to want canniot be vote for and happen unless we withdraw from these allegedly permanent treaties, first, because they bar these changes. These activities are functioning as lies to keep real progressives barking up the wrong tree so that all their efforts are wasted where they can do no good. Bernie Sanders also was doing that incredibly he got away with it twice. GATS blocks his entire 2016 and 2020 platforms. It was taken off the table by the 1994 entry of the US into the WTO and the commitments we made in the GATS "agreement" and the Specific Commitments filed in Geneva on Feb 26, 1998. These commitments block expansions in affordable healthcare insurance, framing it as the creation of an WTO-illegal trade barrier.

Also I hope people realize that we've promised away millions of good jobs, the coire jobs that sustain many communities, and the media like the New York Times is running interference trying to get people to swallow the big lie that they are doing this because Americans are either unqualified or refuse to do these jobs.

I point people to these words in Inside US Trade, March 10 2016 "India is also claiming that commitments made by the U.S. in its free trade agreements with
Singapore and Chile to provide a certain number of H-1B visas to those countries violates the
United States' commitment under GATS to annually provide 65,000 H-1Bs worldwide.
However, the U.S. GATS schedule specifically states that it will offer "up to" 65,000 H-1B visas
for persons annually on a worldwide basis. It also committed in its GATS schedule to allow
entry for an unlimited number of qualifying L-1 visa holders."

So we cannot create vast new gren jobs programs because we've already promised away an unlimited number of jobs to foreign temp firms. In this vast Clinton era treaty, thats supposed to rstructure the entire world's economy and redistribute the wealth to the rich, not poor, that has no expiration date. (according to USTR) It cannot just e voted away. South Africa discovered that their trade obligations even survived a revolution, blocking their nations voting, by a landslide for a national healthcare system. We may have also committed to offshore our healthcare patients. if they are using tax money to pay for it. Committing us to use the lowest bidding providers.

total bullshit. Also, aside from trade deals nothing gives, for example, Indian tech firms an entitlement to the tech jobs. Its insanity to not be encouraging our own young people to go into these recently well paid careers, rather than staffing the meat industry etc. That shoudnt be the future for our brightest young people. Unless they have an advanced degree from one of the nations top colleges, one that costs their parents six figure sums to buy them.
"In a Dec. 29, 2015 press release, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) described the limited
application of the new fee hikes as "highly discriminatory and punitive" and "specifically geared
towards India and Indian-centric technology companies." The group also said "visa fees should
be applied in a non-discriminatory, non-protectionist manner to all companies that use the visa
Critics of India's claim that the visa fees are a market access violation point to a 2010
statement by an executive at the Indian information technology company Infosys -- which has
U.S. operations that meet the conditions for being subject to the disputed visa fees -- in the
Hindu Business Line. He said that that the initial fee increase in 2010 would not have an impact
on the company's bottom-line, and that the fees could double -- which occurred in the 2016
omnibus bill -- and still have no substantive impact on the company's profit margin."

Foreign countries are also complaining about reforms to our education funding system claiming that any government subsidization of higher education worstends trade barriers to their firms by weakening their competitive advantage.

----- From the Inside US Trade article -
"India Takes First Step Toward Challenging U.S. Visa Policy At WTO"March 10, 2016

"In a Dec. 29, 2015 press release, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) described the limited
application of the new fee hikes as "highly discriminatory and punitive" and "specifically geared
towards India and Indian-centric technology companies." The group also said "visa fees should
be applied in a non-discriminatory, non-protectionist manner to all companies that use the visa
Critics of India's claim that the visa fees are a market access violation point to a 2010
statement by an executive at the Indian information technology company Infosys -- which has
U.S. operations that meet the conditions for being subject to the disputed visa fees -- in the
Hindu Business Line. He said that that the initial fee increase in 2010 would not have an impact
on the company's bottom-line, and that the fees could double -- which occurred in the 2016
omnibus bill -- and still have no substantive impact on the company's profit margin.
One Senate aide also said that because Indian companies could still obtain H-1Bs despite the fee
hikes, and that the fee hikes did not apply only Indian companies -- although only Indian
companies meet the conditions for being subject to the cost increase -- the measures do not limit
market access.
But a private-sector source expressed confidence that the fee hikes would negatively impact the
profits of Indian companies. That source said Indian investments in the U.S. were "built on an
understanding of an open business and investment environment," and that the fee hikes may
throw caution to the wind for Indian businesses"

---end quote---

Education should be free. Instead even when American young people go to college for eight years to get a high tech degree, take out huge loans and that cost results in their being excluded by the foreign staffing firms..that are taking over the workplaces. Outsourcing firms claim they are forced to waste money by requirements they hire Americans in low level jobs to keep getting work visas for their cheap labor. (to avoid sanctions more than 50% of their workforce must not be here on these non-immigrant work visas, such as H1B (pays more) and L1 (may pay much less..at lest did till 2027, now officially they are supposed to pay at least a US-legal wage.. See the USCIS "matter of I-Corp case) It seems that to get so called temporary non-immigration visas they must pursue a sham hiring process and document interviewing failure to find qualified Americans. So they may be rejecting lots of Americans simply because they are Americans. They seem to only want workers who are in a dependent on work via, second class citizen status because the amount of work they demand, which can be more than 60 hours a week, would be objected to by Americans unles they were paid appropriately. The USCIS case "Matter of I-Corp" is informative as to their practices and where they intend to take this. It seems that previous Administrations did not require these firms pay a legal US wage to get (a semi fixed number of) work visas? But one can find from the trade media that we actually promised a potentially unlimited number of work visas away as part of the WTO negotiations in the 1990s. Plus the agenda generally is being hyped as the savior of the developing countries, a scope that would not be possible without much higher numbers of existing US jobs indeed being traded away. Its also clear from responses to interview questions in UNCTAD and ILO publications, among others,that the WTO Trade in Service officials plan on these programs vastly expanding to many times their current size. The same programs that have been compared to modern day slavery. .

This situation here means that Americans who are looking for jobs must go to one sham interview after another. Using up their resources only to find out from departing American workers, who are still there "training their repacements" that the interviews are a sham pursued just so they can truthfully swear they attempted to hire US citizens but failed. (This is how its done, which evades any requirement firms pay retraining benefit to the newly unemployed workers as the warning they were then given was sufficiently long enough. This hides the nuge numbers of workers being outsourced.. Training ones replacements is I am told very stressful, however their being professionals they do the job they are tasked with, knowing they may never be appreciated for it.(and ) that the firms that "are interviewing" candidates interview just to fulfill a legal requirement for a form documenting that they tried and failed to find an American. his is a fundamentally fraudulent process.

Now the NASSCOM (this is a guess as to who is responsible) and The tech firms are it seems spending big money on US media campaign, trying to convince us there is this huge labor shortage that justifies their outsourcing potentially millions of US jobs to protect their investments in the US.

Well, NO OTHER COUNTRY has a business model like this where their profitability deopends on evading at least the intent even if not the letter of so many US laws.. Also, as Wikileaks revealed, very high levels of fraud in visa applications submitted at the Hyderabad US consular office contained incorrect or fraudulent information, More than 80% of the applications had serious problems. Typically they alleged professional qualifications of candidates, that didnt check out. For a price degrees can be bought in some countries, and it is common for them to assert advanced skills and qualifications were earned by people who obviously had never spent time in a classroom.

Newspapers like the New York Times that are making wealthy foreigners who dont need our help out to be victims of a Trump associated process and seems to be trying to make us feel so sorry for them when so many Americans are unemployed and or have gone so deeply into debt to get an education, are destroying the credibility they had earned in the past. People should realize the GATS and everything associated with it i(including the candiates put up by former Administrations to run for President and conveniently toixify multiple issues that they wanted to keep out f the media to hide their job stealing scheme) is an elaborate fraud on the entire nation that wasted so much effort and years of the nations time. This is not a conspiracy theory, its a fact and is easy to prove to beyond a reasonable doubt in fact some of the most critical aspects of it are provable and unassailable facts and as such basically are facts in courts that they must recognize when brought to their notice. As plain as the nose on somebody's face facts. This is in fact the biggest fraud in the history of this nation and world, and it coes as part of a series of huge frauds. .

By repeatedly publishing what seems to me to be "sponsored" PR content they are ruining their papers credibility. They should identify ads, if indeed that is what they are, as ads, and who has been funding them.. Also, they are misidentifying intra corporate transfer "temporary movement of natural persons to provide services" as "immigration" which it expressly, officially is not. (or is not supposed to be) Also stringing these disempowered workers of hopes of getting green cards if they work like slaves for multiple terms of six years, people whold know that the visa holders commonly complain of having been forced to pay bribes to comanies and managers simply to be sent to the US, instead of other countries. So its almost as if by allowing this we are creating a system where people are paying hidden fees under the table in an untraceable manner for a crack at US citizenship. This is very wrong as I think I am fairly typical as an American when I say that costly screens should not be used to exclude most of the world from these jobs by asking poeople to pay bribes.

I must disclose here that I wourk, well, I am not working now, but were I in the job search process now I would be searching in an industry that has been radically changed. In fact I love IT work but I no longer encourage young people to go into it unless they really have no choice, because its been ruined by these autsourcing prctices and also its become a thankless ara in some workplaces.. Somebody in high places is literally trying to destroy it, probably because before it was an area where somebiody who want rich, who never was able to afford an expensive advanced degree could get a decent job. Obviously that rubbed somebody up high the wrong way. Anyway, now we have millions of people, urban people , many of color who need jobs. What can I tell them? Give up unless you want to be replaced in a few years and have your life pulled out from underneath yiou.

Because I think the United States, first and foremost has every bit as big an OBLIGATION to its people as it does to corporations, even now when we have basically gone to great efforts to destroy it. The articles all are essentially the same.)Immigration is when people move to a country permanently with their family not expressly for the purpose of doing work for lower wages than "locals" (as they call us) As this is their business model (Ive been the target of their pitches, which is something like "Three workers for the price of one" many times in the past, when my name was publicly accessible on web sites in a way that made people cold calling think that I was an employee with the power to hire. Then I would get these calls and especially emails. Lots of them.

These New York Times articles seem to leave out or mislead the public on many facts which would be important if their goal was telling the truth. They should make it clear how the business model is to undermine the value of labor in these professions.

The US's corporations and their enablers in Washington. along with others around the world, intend to replace many (millions) of workers, (who they claim are overpriced and underskilled, but they still need them, more than they admit obviously being willing to stab those workers in the back, pretty much to get cheaper ones. hey, wait a second, what about the "signalling function" of the all holy Markety. Thst doesnt pass the smell test. If they need them that means they should pay them what theyare worth, and not try to set up a system that destroys their professions in order to get away with paying them a lot less and string them along on false hopes of being able to immigrate wityh their families, which in all practical terms depend on the deception of people. Plus, they propose depending on these people to do their jobs as professionals after treating them in this manner? I dont know about you but I think this whole scheme is broken. They are broken. Something is very very wrong.

People should know that GATS particularly applies to public jobs. It intends to privatize virtually the entire public sector all around the world.Unl;ess a service sector is completely nonprofuit/ And it ratchets in so no service is safe. In fact the more recent TISA which was intended to quietly legitimate GATS many obvious legitimacyt problems, IS EVEN WORSE. A it locks in everythiujng countries dont exclude in writing in advance even sectors that have not been invented yet. particuarly in public jobs that were noit long ago seen to be safe and good jobsk, for example postal jobs, teaching jobs, healthcare, and also it. Now the plan is to use huge global services firms, to replace them with low paid foreign subcontractors whose benefits are paid for by their employers. Undermining Social Security. Often compared to modern slavery, these opportunities often demnd various fees of applicants to get the jobs, payments that serve as a costly screen preventing the non able to pay from getting entry level jobs. Do people know that a global plan to replace US (and EU and other developed country workers, but especially the US's) workers is underway and has been since (around) 28 years ago??, (the GATS agrement)and that it plans to replace the good jobs in very large numbers? These jobs were used as bait in the WTO Services negotiations in the early 90s. Those jobs and quite possibly also patients, are "officially" promised to foreign countries. The entire country has been misled in many ways. The sooner we realize this the better. But there will be a lot of anger. At least a million poorer Americans have become statistics "excess deaths" because healthcare in the US has been held back since the 1980s. Had we kept up with the rest of the world those millioor more of us would not have died before our times. Now the gap betwen poor and rich in lifespans is astronomical. This really was shown by coroniavirus. Shouldnt all this have been a crime? Shoudnt the continued lying to all of us be a crime? Its a lot worse than many of the other things that our political class considers to be.

Would they rather destroy our country and continue a horrid state of affairs where hundreds of us die unnecessarily each day to keep us all in the dark? It seems so.

Rather that than have the truth come out?

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