Incredible number of fake degrees, world of SLAVERY being created- yes slavery, whistleblower tells all.

This is what happens when your planets government is run by the rich fraudsters. They are all the same. This guy is one of the good guys, the You Tuber whose channel it is, doesn't understand what he's being told.

Back when I was working in the IT world, and socialized with other IT folk a lot, in the Bay Area, I heard so many stories like this. To their credit, the young Indian IT guys are not happy with this situation. They really want real educations. Just like young Americans do.

They are not bad people. But they are not the best and the brightest, not by a long shot. They just aren't.

Its horrible.

I like what they said to him, "If your government (India) doesn't care, why do you care?

They have set up this whole GATS MODE FOUR guest workers thing in the WTO, to LAUNDER all these millions of people with fake degrees.. Many of whom are totally fake. And totally blackmailable by THE GOVERNMENTS of these authoritarian oligarch run countries, , because of their fake credentials, they are being placed in all these US firms. And US businesses depend on them. Three workers for the price of one. Thats what they pitch the people who they think are people who hire them.

There is an epidemic of this all around the world. They use the Indian IT jobs in the US to launder the fake degrees.

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But you didn't explain much of what you said here.
Why does this turn into slavery?
Why is this blackmailable?
What is GATS MODE?

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