A succinct critique of neoliberalism/globalism

Part of the globalizers' propaganda war is to deny that the term "neoliberalism" has any historical, political, or economic content, to reduce it to a mere curse word used by lefties. In the past, the best rebuttal I had to that was the maddeningly jargon-filled writing of Philip Mirowski, an economics professor at Notre Dame. Today, I found a book review of a book that purports to be not only a history of neoliberalism, but a fairly clear and readable explanation of its goals.

Brexit: Onward and Upward or Down and Out

(jjohnsit and Scizor99 have blogs on this story. My knowledge of EU banking, and British law are very limited. This is my first blog, please let me know if it could be improved or needs corrections)

I was not really expecting the referendum would win the vote. I’ll leave the analysis to the professional experts. This is what I could find to help me wade through the media fog of breathless “latest new thing” reporting.