Open Thread - 12-09-22 - The Pendulum

My generation. Born of world war. Born of a conflagration so great it caused humanity to pause and reassess itself. Standing on the brink will do that. My generation was born of the "greatest generation", and was weaned by middle class affluence. It was one of those times in history when the pendulum swung in favor of the common man. It was a time when capitalism worked, and not just for the wealthy. Capitalism had prevailed over communism. It was that dualism that gave birth to my generation. Enlightened pols had gone against the grain of opulence and levied hefty taxes on the rich that paved the way for decades of prosperity. That prosperity defined my generation, but it also set us on the trajectory to the present.


Rojava, an unlikely place for a democratic revolution.

I have been following the developments in Rojava, an area of Northern Syria that adheres to the thoughts of Murray Bookchin. (ghohnsit's recent article reminded me I wanted to write about Rojava, a spunky little area in a war-torn region that is promoting a new form of decentralized democracy, and this started as a comment on gjonsit's recent article on Iran but it was growing long so I made it a separate diary.)

We Cannot Compromise on the American Vision: Equality for All

There’s been a conflict in this country ever since the era which gave it birth: a conflict between those who have wanted to maintain traditions of privilege and domination, and those who have wanted a country which treats its citizens equally, and guarantees equal rights for all. The vision of equality has prevailed in the conflict thus far, but only by the sustained effort and sacrifice of its citizens.

EEOC stands by Title VII and ADA in transgender case

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has determined that the Walmart subsidiary Sam's Club violated both Title VII of the Vivil Rights Act of 1964 and the American's with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) in its dealings with transgender employee Jessica Shyne Robison.

Time to Pay the Military Like the National Basketball Association

Pro athletes, particularly those in the professional basketball, baseball, football and hockey leagues, are whining again about getting their share of the pie. The way they figure it, the billionaires and investors who own the teams are raking in the dough and since it's because of their "skills", they deserve more of the massive profits. Without them, there would be no leagues and no profits.

Army, Marines request two year delay on transgender equality

It seems like just yesterday that I published a diary about three retired generals (all women) counseled Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to push forward against conservative attempts to end all transgender military service.

Oh, wait...it was!

To quote Chad and Jeremy, that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone.