Elon Musk

A Stunning String of 60 Satellites Zooming Across the Sky Caught on Video by Dutch Astronomer


This string of 60 satellites were placed into low earth orbit last Thursday. They are the first of a proposed group of 12,000 Starlink telecommunications satellites being lauched by SpaceX, Elon Musk's rocket company. The company's goal is to use the satellites to create a mesh-like network around the planet itself. Moving data with laser beams, the satellite grid will provide fast and affordable internet access to every remote corner of the earth. Internet traffic can now move at close to the speed of light in a vacuum — nearly instantaneously.

The astronomer, Marco Langbroek, wrote in a blog post that he had calculated the search orbit himself to find out when they would pass by, and "stood ready" with his camera. The train zoomed by within three minutes of his predicted time. "It started with two faint, flashing objects moving into the field of view. Then, a few tens of seconds later, my jaw dropped as the 'train' entered the field of view," Langbroek wrote.

The controlled demolition of the First World Nation states.

The thermite of globalization has been cutting the structural steel of First World democracies since the 1970s (see the quote at end). The economic crash of 2008 was a blow an airliner impact that rattled all nations, but did not quite knock them down - except for the PIIGS victims of bankster fraud. However, 2008 began the trash fires of racism and anti-immigrant agitation.

Musk Wants to Electrify Puerto Rico

Just a short hit of potentially good news. After the emergency response comes the rebuilding.
Islands usually get their electricity from diesel (bunker diesel if memory serves, the cheapest and dirtiest grade) generators. Solar is a much better option, and once installed they no longer need to buy and import that fuel.
The obvious question is how to pay for it. A less obvious question is how to harden it against powerful storms. Still, it's a start.